Sarenn - John R

Sarenn is a Zwerginn living among the humans of the College of Horizons in the Union. A member of a group known unofficially as the Constructors, he is an architect skilled in the design of substantial buildings. These are widely known for being geomantically significant and strikingly unusual compared to the human norm.

Unusually for a Zwerginn, he seems to have little contact with his own kind, preferring to concentrate on his studies. He is the only non-human in his clan but the others seem to accept him, if only because they are too tied up in the work to object.


Sarenn became a notable engineer for the emerging GPU. Shortly after the war Sarenn traveled to the Temple at the heart of the New World Fragment. Where he oversaw the construction of many additions to the temple to make it more impressive. He then set about a number of important projects the reconstruction of the people's Library, and a device for bringing more fragments to the New World Fragment.

As the World continued to grow, new transport mechanisms needed to be set up, never before had intra fragment transport been so important, and Sarenn introduced a new transport system, setting a single rail to run along the backbone of the world, for Rodericks trains to run along.

After many years working for the administration of the GPU, Sarenn reached his retirment, upon which he returned to his clan of Zwerginn, which over the years had intergrated fully with the GPU.

Clan: The Constructors

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