Playing a member of the Union

The Union offers clans stability, security and the chance to be a part of forging a new civilisation. They tend to focus on diplomacy rather than conflict, preferring not to get their hands bloody in extensive martial campaigns. When there is no choice, however, they will use the full force of their troops, technologies and magics to crush the threat, leaving little behind.

Colony Goals

The Union have the following goals as a whole:

  1. Spreading civilization and knowledge throughout the Broken World
  2. Expanding the Union through absorbing new clans, beliefs and even races.
  3. Understanding more about the world and getting to the peak of technological and magical prowess.

Allegiance Requirements/Bonuses

When you pick a faction you must also pick one of the organisations of that faction. The members of an organisation are responsible for making sure that part of the faction runs effectively. Your organisation will give you imperatives, which it will expect you to look into. The organisation also has resources at its disposal which as a member you will have access to. However if you disappoint your organisation enough these privileges will be revoked.

Organisations have requirements to join them; these include relevant skills which would make you a valued member, as well as ideologies and beliefs. If you do have a concept which doesn’t meet all the requirements please discuss it with the GM’s, as we may be willing to make an exception.

As someone grows up the Union, it is expected that they will find a role in one of the branches of the Union, and do their part for the community. Upon reaching adulthood, a member of the Union starts employment in their chosen career, though they will still spend much of their time with their home clan, using their new expertise to help defend it.

The Legion of Unity


  • Skills: Skilled in either Fighting or Strategy.
  • Brother in Arms: Willing to fight when the Union is in danger.
  • Unquestioning: Willing to follow orders from the leaders of the Legion.
  • Allegiance to the Church: Must demonstrate an allegiance to the church of Founders.


  • Together we Stand: your brothers in the Legion will be more than willing to come to your aid, provided your cause is just.
  • The War Room: The legion keeps extensive tactical information on Well known Fragments. They may have detailed maps that will help in planning strategies. This can provide up to a significant edge in strategy.
  • Single-Minded: your rigorous military training means that you tend not to asses your own emotions much. Thus you are more easily influenced by Passion magics, putting you at a minor disadvantage.
  • Wolf-Pack Tactics: constantly relying on your brothers-in-arms puts you at a disadvantage when having to work alone.

The College of Horizons


  • Skills: Skilled in Technological Studies, Civil Studies, Natural Studies, Anthropology or the Magics.
  • Eureka: You must be willing to share your designs with other members of the college, or face waiving of privileges.
  • Scholarly: Willing to defend other member's academic freedom.


  • Accumulated Knowledge: the library of the College is enormously comprehensive and arcane, bringing together knowledge from every sphere of study known to man. This will provide you with up to a significant bonus for study skills and projects.
  • Infinite Machine Works: you have access to, and are able to fly, the College's menagerie of flying devices. Bear in mind that the quality of the machines is highly variable.
  • Ivory Tower: you are used to the halls of Academia and not too great at the world outside. You are at a minor disadvantage when dealing with members of another Faction.
  • Hallowed Halls: life in the College is vastly different from having to rough it out in the wild, putting you at a minor disadvantage when having to survive in the wilderness.

The Guild


  • Skills: Must be skilled in Oration, Administration, Anthropology, Investigation, or Subterfuge.
  • Bureacrat: Must be willing to work within, and add to, the bureaucracy of the Guild.
  • Loyal to the Institution: Aims to strengthen the Union, and get rich on the side, through trading and information-gathering.


  • Ear To The Ground: bars are a noisy place, full of secrets, gossip and guesses. Through talking to the barkeepers in the Guild you can pick up all kinds of information through joining the dots, giving you up to a significant edge when gathering information.
  • Trade Contacts: the Guild takes care of customs and trade regulations, meaning that it's easier for you to move around inside, and promote your goods to, other factions.
  • Paper Trail: the Guild keeps tabs on their members, in order to track profits and forecast finances. This puts you at a minor disadvantage when trying to hide your actions.
  • Everybody Wants a Cut: You incurr a minor penalty to moving and trading large ammounts of goods if you have to rely on Guild infrastructure.
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