I only just got here!

Broken Worlds has been going for more than 1 week now. This would mean that new players will be at a disadvantage to players who have been building death cannons since the beginning.

But fear not!

If you are statting a new character, joined the game late or your last character died tragically in a wolverine related fishing accident, you recieve a starting handicap


For each turn you miss since the start of the game, you recieve 4 Training AP. These AP can only be spent on training actions, and are spent along with your first turnshett. Training AP can be spent on…

  • Acquiring new Skill Specializations - 2AP for 1 Specialization as standard.
  • Imbuing and Charging with Storm Magic - Standard cost.
  • Performing pilgramages with Mist magic - Cost is increased by 1AP for each pilgramage, but there is no limit beyond AP on the number of pilgramages you can make.
  • Training in Spirit Magic - Must cast 'dummy' Shaman spells before levelling up.
  • Training Passion Magic or learning Starting Formulas - 2AP for 1TP or 1 Formula

Clan Handicap

Ideally, we'd like people to come from a pre-existing clan if joining very late in the game (after turn 8), but there is no hard and fast limit. The max number of clan traits will decrease as the game continues however.

  • Turn 0 - Max 7 traits.
  • Turn 3 - Max 5 traits.
  • Turn 7 - Max 3 traits.
  • Turn 11 - Max 1 traits.
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