• An average fragment has an area about the size of Oxford, enough to support two or three clans.
  • To get from one end of a colony (our different civilizations) to the other takes two to three days.
  • To get from one colony to another will take approximately two weeks and a guided fragment.


Within colonies, travel is pretty chaotic with no clear borders. The islands of the Union and Confederacy are constantly weaving around each other, while the Fallen and the City enjoy very intricate networks of roads/tunnels between settlements.

Inter-Colony travel is more straightforward. Think of the colonies as four dots on a dice. The order is Union→City→Confederacy→Fallen. There are weeks of travel between the dots. The area between the colonies is called The Void and the area outside of the four is called The Outlands.

Somewhere in the middle of the void sits the Temple.

The Ferrymen

Between the various colonies travel is very difficult and time-consuming, due to the random nature of the fragment's movement and the distances involved.

To tackle this problem the Ferrymen arose. The Ferrymen are a group of skilled Zwerginn Geomancers who spend there time travelling between the clusters on small fragment, taking passengers for a small price.


The ferrymen have a hand in most of the trade between colonies, if not on their own transport, then as guides working for the other Trading groups. Though they can only handle small deals, their service and cut are second to none. Few, however, appreciate the lack of alternatives.


Is impossible to move large numbers of people and supplies, such as an army, between the clusters. So should the occasion arise when an invasion is required, just getting the army to the enemy is going to be a major problem.


The other problem (for some people), is that the ferrymen required personal identification before you can travel. This means that it is very possible to find out who has been going where, and so if someone is planning covert operations in another colony they will need some way to get there without entering the Ferrymen's records.


The Ferrymen are happy to take mail and letters between colonies as much as other trade goods, its not their place to care what happens to it once it arrives. Unless a personal courier is sent, it is up to any port officials to assure mail reaches the correct person.

If the Ferrymen read any correspondance, they have yet to act on it.

Other Transportation

Without the ferrymen, inter colony travel is impossible, or at least a lot slower. Skyships (with a few exceptions) generally don't have the range to go far from their home colony, thus needing to island hop with a willing ferryman.

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