Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Having picked your Positive and Negative Clan Traits, you may want to design one or more NPC members of your clan. These will be members of your clan who may also turn up to session, played by one of the GMs.

There is no requirement to create an NPC; however, the GMs will be playing other members of your family, and it would help us and you to have an idea of what you'd like to see, and give us more insight into your clan.


  1. Name and Gender
  2. Rough Description
  3. How they fit into the clan traits
  4. Their relationship with the player

How Clan Traits influence this character

e.g. Skilled

The clan you have chosen are specialists at making expensive jewellery from gold. Your NPC might be a prospector, a jeweller, or perhaps a wheeler and dealer who buys sapphires at cut prices from a little-known fragment. Tell us what their speciality is and how it fits into your clan traits

e.g. Dark Secret

Say you've picked a clan whose Dark Secret is that they killed your old miserly granny to get at her wealth. Your NPC might be her loving husband, the actual assassin, the member of the clan who stood to inherit all the wealth – or even all three! Your NPC might not even know of Granny's murder – maybe they were off the fragment when it happened, or have only just reached the age when they can be told, and it’s up to you to break the awful news to them.

How your NPC relates to your PC:

Does your NPC know your PC? Are they best friends? Arch-rivals within the clan, who will only help each other if absolutely necessary? Mother and daughter? How long have they known each other? Or, given that your character is the representative at the Summit, have they been sent to spy on you? Are they likely to report bad things about you to your clan if you don't keep them happy?

NPC Traits

The final thing you can do is spend points or get points back from giving this NPC one of the traits below. These allow you to give us an idea of how you see your character's interaction with this NPC developing.

Positive Traits

Specialist (+1 or +4)

Your NPC is a talented individual. Pick a skill, and spend one less point than normal.

Note: In game terms, getting your NPC to do something for you still requires you to spend AP as if you were doing it yourself.

Useful friend (+2)

Your NPC helps you out. Maybe they married into another family, and they’ve been telling you what the family has been up to. Maybe they watch your back, so that nobody finds out about your secret plans.

Impressed Superior (+2)

You have got into the good book of someone high up in the clan, giving you access to resourses someone of your rank wouldn’t normally have. Be it the secret religious texts, or a access to free ore from the clans mines. They may also show their gratitude in some way, and pull strings to help you out.

Good Reference (+1)

They have nothing but good things to say about you, and will tell stories of your exploits, generally making you look good.

Negative Traits

Unhelpful friend (-1)

They’re not trying to hinder you, but they keep putting their foot in it. Maybe they have no social skills and embarrass you at formal occasions. Or they have unnatural attractions to goats.

Rival (-2)

They are another member of your clan you’ve been competing with. Be it for the favour of your superiors, or the control of the clan.

Vital to the PLAN (-1 to -2)

You know the big plan your clan has, the big one that’s going to change the face of the world? This guy is vital to it. They've told you to protect him, or may whatever gods you worship help you.

-1: He knows or can do something important, if anyone finds out about it, they're likely to come after him.

-2: Not only does he know something very important, he has a loose tongue and a drinking habit. You find yourself having to babysit him more often than you'd like.

Indebted (-1 to -2)

You owe this NPC a favour, as they did something for you in the past. The bigger the favour they did for you the more they’ll expect back in return. (Note this differs from hidden master in that whereas a secret master will give you a steady stream of tasks, indebted will require you to do one big thing for them to return the favour. You'll be able to politely refuse, but don't do it too often or they could turn into an enemy.)

A -1 debt may be that they sorted out your horse when it was looking a bit ill.

A -2 debt may be they covered for you when people were asking awkward questions about where you were last night, and what’s with the chicken feathers in your hair, and the blood around your mouth. And why have you only got 1 shoe.

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