Magic of the Mists

The Mists

In opposition to the storm cloud’s roiling chaos above, the mists are formless and uniform in colour. Where the clouds have constant motion and chaos, the mist can seem to be uncaring and passive, though the rises and canyons in the mass beneath can seem to form and move with some kind of slow purpose. The mists may not be sending dreadful storms your way, and may not be raining water giving your farm life, but inevitably they will be of great import; all fragments rise from the Mist, and whatever your actions to try and keep them aloft eventually to the Mist they must return.

In addition, those families who drifted far down to the Mist’s edge have come up… changed. On risen fragments have been found whole families just sitting in their houses, staring blankly at the walls. On others, the residents seem to have had their perspective twisted so that that what was once familiar is now strange, yet problems unsolvable by the greatest minds of the tribe are trivially easy to them. Rarely one may fall into the Mists, and yet appear unscathed on a fragment somewhere intact in body but addled in mind - these are the mistborn, and the Mist seems often to reach for them, stretching ponderously towards their fragment like the arm of a laconic giant before falling back down into the blue depths.

It is taught that the Mists are the counterpoint to the Storm’s chaos and uncontrollable energy, instead providing purpose and slow, ponderous force. This can be seen in the case of fragments, with lumps of rock birthed from the energy of the Storm fall into the Mists, from which they seem to have gained a slow, ponderous purpose and some method of reaching their destination.


As a Mistborn, you will be mentally manipulating the Mist in order to alter thougts, craft illusions, move things within the Mist and dissolve things into the Mist.

Getting the Mist

In order to cast a ritual, you must have a supply of Mist. There are a number of ways to get this supply; you could descend down to the Mists on a low-lying fragment or be lowered down, sacrificing secrecy for easy access. You could have some sort of Mist well constructed, trading in a large deal of initial effort for the privacy of having your own connection to the Mist. Rarely, skilled engineers have been able to design containers that resist the Mist's powers of negation, enabling the Mistborn to carry their own personal supply of Mist.

Casting the Ritual

Once they have gained the supply of Mist, the Mistborn are able to inhale the Mist, using their control over it to protect themselves from its effects for a time. They then get within distance of their target (anything from within touching distance to the other side of the fragment depending on the skill of the Mistborn), and exhale the Mist. Through complex meditations, the Mist is guided to the target and strikes, whether it be to negate and dissolve a structure or manipulate someone's mind.


Firstly, the Mistborn is vulnerable throughout the casting of the ritual, their mind entirely occupied with controlling the Mist. Secondly, the Mist is visible as a thin fog - not noticeable from a distance, but trackable if you know what you are doing. Lastly, even those skilled in shaping it are not entirely free from the Mist's corrosive effects. Even the most minor of the Mistborn know certain Meditations to protect themselves, yet many cast aside such protection to focus better on their objective, or uncaringly channel more of the Mist than they can safely handle. When this happens, the effects can be varied;

After minor exposure1) you might be momentarily dazed, lose concentration halfway through a later action, or make an embarrassing Freudian slip at a dinner party.

After substantial exposure2) you will be left with non-permanent but still pretty serious damage; you might be struck with apathy and forget to do some of your planned actions, you might develop a phobia of wide open spaces for a few months, or you might for a season have the unsettling feeling those you love have been replaced by body snatchers.

After critical exposure 3) you'll be suffering some pretty permanent and nasty effects; blackouts, hallucinations, deveping strange compulsions, trying to eat close family, forgetting important information, and so on. You could potentially even lose the ability to control the Mist.

All of these affects are potentially treatable by skilled doctors, but will mess up your plans for quite a time. Additionally, as society has got more aware of the Mistborn, observant people may spot the signs of Mist exposure and link it to that suspicious suicide a season ago.


The Six Meditations


Meditation on Isolation

The more you have, the longer you can carry Mist around for. The more ranks of this you incorporate into a meditation, the longer you can keep the effect prepared, and the more complex actions you can carry out in the intervening time. This meditation also helps with secrecy - people are less likely to suspect the person who was chatting normally with them a few minutes ago than the one who was sitting deep within the Mists at the time.

Enlightenment Level Effect
0 You cannot do anything but sit still meditation. Even people talking to you could distract you.
1 You can move around, or give brief commands but must remain focused.
2 You can work on other things, but a surprise, or pain will snap your meditation.
3 You can act freely.

Meditation on the Void

The more void sense you have, the smaller the risk to your body and mind. Without this, channeling the mists runs a chance of hurting the caster.

Enlightenment Level Effect
0 You can move through the mist safely
1 You can cast minor mist magic safely
2 You can cast significant mist magic safely
3 You can cast major mist magic safely

Meditation on the Space Outside the Void

Improving this allows you to move mist around, and affect things that are far away. This is a measure of how far you can extend your tendril of Mist while retaining control of it, and so determines how far from the target you can be.

Enlightenment Level Effect
0 You must be within touching distance of your target
1 You must be within 100 metres of your target
2 You can affect anything on your fragment
3 You can affect people on nearby fragments


As you get more proficient with controlling the effects of the Mist, you gain access to more versatile things to do with them. For example, with Level 1 Meditation on the Draw you can only move something with the power of the Mist, for a Minor effect. Once you make the Pilgrimage to the second level of Meditation on the Draw, you can dissolve something into the Mists (a Significant effect), and also move something about more forcefully for a Significant effect.

Meditation on the Draw

The Meditation on the Draw represents the Mist's power over the Physical; the way it can negate and destroy matter, or transport to a distant location. With the Meditation on the Draw, you can move things, destroy things, and even teleport things as you get more skilled.

Enlightenment Level Effect
0 Sense movement inside the mist.
1 Move something around.
2 Make something gradually disappear.
3 Teleport an object.

Meditation on the Lie

The Meditation on the Lie represents the Mist's power to cloud, hide and subvert things. With it you can distract your foe's attention, make someone see whatever you desire, and eventually make something seem completely invisible.

Enlightenment Level Effect
0 Sense energy inside the mists
1 Dancing Lights - Cause a distraction
2 Illusion - Make mist look like something else. Create a believable image
3 Invisibility - Completely hide something

Meditation on the Lure

The Meditation on the Lure represents the Mist's power to warp, scour and enfeeble people's minds. It is the most risky Meditation, both due to the increased risk of mental damage to your person and the very characteristic effects it produces. With it you can make people hear voices, try and determine their motives, or even rewrite their memories, altering their reality to fit your aims.

Enlightenment Level Effect
0 Sense life inside the mists.
1 Communicate with someone.
2 Read someone's emotion.
3 Alter someone's memories.

How You Do It

You have six different Meditations; these are modular, and you create Rituals by putting them together. Each one adds an effect to the end ritual; for example a rank 2 Meditation on the Draw combined with a rank 3 Meditation on the Space Outside the Void will allow you to break a machine that is very far away.

Each Meditation has an AP cost when cast on its own. To this primary AP cost you can add additional effects, for a reduced AP cost. The highest level Meditation you perform is taken to be the primary Meditation for the purposes of calculating AP spend.

Level of MeditationAP on its ownAP when added to a ritual
1 10
2 21
3 3 2


Safe-ish teleporting far away

  • Level 3 Draw
  • Level 2 Space Outside the Void
  • Level 2 Void

You teleport yourself a moderate distance away – a neighbouring fragment perhaps. As you Meditated on the Void, you suffered little more than temporary disorientation and amnesia.

AP cost:

Level 3 Draw (3AP) + Level 2 Space Outside (1AP) + Level 2 Void (1AP) = 5AP


  • Level 2 Lie
  • Level 2 Draw
  • Level 1 Space Outside the Void

You create an illusion that will fool all but the most capable observer, and give it the ability to affect the world around it. The poltergeist has a very close range – within 500 metres. As you did not protect yourself from the mist, you may experience a significant degree of amnesia (perhaps you can no longer remember people’s names, or how to hold a sword) or apathy (you find you cannot bring yourself to do anything that isn’t of the greatest importance – perhaps your housekeeping actions are no longer carried out.

AP cost:

Level 2 Lie (2AP) + Level 2 Draw (1AP) + Level 1 Space Outside the Void = 3AP

Cooperative Magic

It is possible for mistborn to meditate together on a single spell. This can be used to combine their powers, or share the AP cost. The result is calculated as a single effect, with the following rules.

  • Each mistborn adds a whole meditation to the mix (Level 3 Lure, Level 2 Draw)
  • Each mistborn must cast Void protection for the meditations they added only.
  • An assistant mistborn can choose to add Void meditation to himself, other participants, or even spend the AP multiple times to apply it to both.
    • If you are meditating exclusively on the void, you don't need to protect yourself.

Example: Mind Punch (Bodyguarded)

  • Mistborn 1 - Level 3 Space Outside the Void
  • Mistborn 1 - Level 1 Draw
  • Mistborn 2 - Level 3 Void (Applied to Mistborn 1)

One mage provides a blast of force, which the other channels across a vast distance to strike the target. One mage is providing all the void protection, hence 'bodyguard'.

AP cost:

Level 3 SOtV (3AP) + Level 1 Draw (0AP) + Level 3 Void (2AP) = 5AP


The Six Pilgrimages

In order to influence the world with Mist Magic, you need to meditate on a particular area. There are six areas in which you can meditate, and as you spend time meditating on each of the areas of the mist you may begin to realise deeper truths and implications of that aspect of the Mist.

For each aspect of the Mist you have a certain degree of ‘enlightenment’, representing how fully you understand that application of the mists. In order to increase your knowledge of a particular area, you must spend some time in Pilgrimage, doing nothing for several days, weeks or even moths but contemplating that aspect of the Mist.

You start at Enlightenment level 1 in two Meditations, and 0 in the rest.

Aspect Pilgrimage
Isolation You must develop your ability to focus and concentrate. To do this, go to an area full of distractions such as a market, place yourself in full view of everyone there, and attempt to spend a certain length of time completely in ignorance of what is going on around you, contemplating the order and serenity of the mists.
The Void You try to gain a greater affinity to the Mist, so that you are not harmed when using it. To do this, you go into the Mists, whether in a Mist well or lowered into the Mists in some form of bathyscaphe. You then spend as long as you can in the Mists before your mind starts to fray.
The Space Outside the Void You must practice moving the Mist when you are not physically connected to it. You go near the mist (lowered off the side of a fragment or going near a Mist well) and try to pull some of it towards you by meditating and making your mind a locus of order. Successive levels of understanding this Aspect need you to get further away.
The Draw To better this you try and expand your control of the Mist. You try to affect some Mist (either nearby or Mist you have stored) into more distinct and agile forms, creating things such as a supporting form, a cutting form, or a transporting form.
The Lie You must develop your knowledge of psychology and how to manipulate this. To do this, you must live a lie for a certain length of time. Minor levels might require you to court a person for a few weeks making claims of heartfelt love; Major levels might require you to craft an entirely new identity and spend months creating a completely new network of relationships.
The Lure You must strengthen your will, so that it may be imposed upon others and affect their actions and thoughts. To do this you must strip yourself of all the hindrances that limit you. At minor levels you might be divesting yourself of your base desires such as lust or wealth; at higher levels you might be stripping yourself of dedication to the clan or even the human race.

AP Costs

It will cost 1 AP to make the Pilgrimage to the first rank of enlightenment, 2 AP from the first to the second rank, and 3 AP from the second to the third.

You may only perform one Pilgrimage a turn.

1) A difference of 1 between highest level Meditation used and level of protection used
2) A difference of 2 between highest level Meditation used and level of protection used
3) A difference of 3 between highest level Meditation used and level of protection used
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