Playing a Confederate

Clans join the confederacy for protection. A nodamic clan will happen across the stack, petition for membership at which point the Earthbourne will work to synchronize their fragment with the Confederacy.

Colony Goals

The Confederacy have the following goals as a whole:

  1. Promoting and Defending the Indivualuality of Clans.
  2. Spreading the concepts of the Confederacy
  3. Restoring the unbroken world.

Allegiance Requirements/Bonuses

When you pick a faction you must also pick one of the organisations of that faction. The members of an organisation are responsible for making sure that part of the faction runs effectively. Your organisation will give you imperatives, which it will expect you to look into. The organisation also has resources at its disposal which as a member you will have access to. However if you disappoint your organisation enough these privileges will be revoked.

Organisations have requirements to join them; these include relevant skills which would make you a valued member, as well as ideologies and beliefs. If you do have a concept which doesn’t meet all the requirements please discuss it with the GM’s, as we may be willing to make an exception.



  • Skills - Have skills in Geomany, Spirit Magic, Civil Studies, Natural Studies, Management and/or Oration.
  • Strong Leader - Be willing to follow, at least partly or with creative interpretation, the orders of King Lemur.
  • moar like Zwergone amirite - Must not have close relations with the Zwerginn.


  • Geomantic Genius: The Earthborne's reputation as genius geomancers is well deserved, giving you up to a significant edge to Geomancy-related actions.
  • Ancient History: King Lemur's knowledge stretches back thousands of years. By petitioning him you can gain insights that may give you a bonus to research. This can also be helpful for finding out lore of civilizations of old.
  • Intolerant: A cultural bias against alien races means you incurr a minor penalty when dealing with them.
  • Traditionalist: Your clan has a strong history, and you suffer a minor penalty when trying to persuade your clan to actions that are not in line with the past.


Corvidae tends to sponsor the more zealous clans, and impose a few of their traditions on them.


  • Skills - Must be skilled in Storm Magic, Mist Magic, Fighting, Stratagy, Subterfuge and/or Investigation.
  • Strong Traditions - Must have taken an appropriate clan trait, such as loremasters, mystics, plain nasty or backwards.
  • Must Respect Birds - Never harm a bird, or allow birds to come to harm. This includes Hareppi.


  • Call of the Storms: You have close ties with Stormtouched Hareppi, and may be able to persuade them to assist you.
  • Bird Watchers: The watchtowers of the Corvidae noted for their effectiveness, you may request guards near you that can provide up to a significant edge against infiltration.
  • Unsettling: Their views are opposed to most conventional wisdom, and you subsequently incurr a minor penalty when dealing with outsiders.
  • Storm-Loving: Your focus on the storms has left you more vulnerable to the mists, and you suffer a minor penalty to resist its effects.



  • Skills - You must have Skills in Managment, Oration, Geomancy, Technological Studies, Anthropology and/or Passion magic.
  • Resources - Your clan must have a resource or profession that can be put to economic use.
  • Money Minded - You must demonstrate an interest in person gain, such as through trade and/or treasure hunting.


  • Financial Backing: You have wealth which far exceeds that of your peers. You have up to a significant edge in actions where fiscal weight is a factor.
  • Trading Fragments: You have access to the O'Sheas trading fragments, useful for traveling the world looking for new ventures.
  • Unscrupulous: Your clan has a reputation for trying to get all the juice from your squeeze, putting you at a minor penalty when trying to negotiate new deals.
  • Free Market: The lack of a unifying bureaucracy makes it harder to get things done. You suffer a minor penalty when trying to acquire just “that extra little bit”.

The Glorious People’s Republic

From a GPR Press Release:

An emerging force within the politics of the Confederacy, The Glorious People’s Republic has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years under the inspired leadership of its founder El Presidente. Thanks to its central tenets of equality and the liberation and enlightenment of the people, and the fantastic living conditions within it, clans have been flocking to join this dynamic force to help forge the People’s Paradise.

The GPR will sponsor all clans who wish to join, asking only that they set aside their outdated notions of dynastic or religious hegemony and embrace the will of the people to work together to fulfil the Historically Inevitable Dialectic and make the world a better place.


  • Skills - Have skills in Technological Studies, Natural Studies, Civil Studies, Management and/or Oration.
  • Glory to the unified citizens! - Be willing to work together with other clans, or appear to, on communal projects for the greater good of the people.
  • What magic comrade? - Magic is viewed as a trick to deceive the people via the use of highly dangerous miniaturised military technology. Magic users will at best be expected to explain the technology behind their art and at worst heavily ostracised. N.B Geomancy is viewed as the scientific manipulation of natural forces and thus acceptable.


  • Everyone is happy in the GPR: All clans in the GPR are unified by a single ideal, and the evidence for its success is all around. Your people are very happy, and so are not likely to lose faith come misfortune.
  • Knowledge belongs to the people: Access to the People’s Library of Progress, which is rumoured to contain texts from before the breaking of the world as well as many technical papers and blueprints.
  • Godless Heathens Enlightened: The ideals of the GPR tend to make the deceptive tyrants of religious clans think deeply (un)holy (depending on the religion) thoughts regarding the person of El Presidente and his followers, causing a significant penalty when dealing with religious powerbases.
  • Outspoken: The GPR’s founders split from the Union over irreconcilable ideological differences, and it has continued to issue propaganda against them, leading to a minor penalty when dealing with Union members.
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