Having an Edge

Task resolution is based on a philosophy of edges. When looking at how successful your actions are, we go through three steps;

1. Look at what skills, equiptment, resources and aid you have brought to bear on the tasks.

2. Class each thing as a minor, significant or major edge, depending on what degree they help you.

3. Gauge success based around the single biggest edge, and modify it based on the rest.

4. Consider whether the action is Risky, or Cautious, and modify based on this.

When writing your turnsheets, it would help us immensely if you summarized your action as a series of edges.


Edge Level Skill Level Fighting a Duel Sneaking Past the Guards
Minor 1 Wearing distractingly lurid clothing, A Slighly sharper sword Throwing a stone to distract the guards.
Significant 2 Wearing Top Notch Armor, A waraxe when your opponent has a pitchfork Getting your aunt to distract the guards with cookies
Major 3 Wearing a ring of invulnerability, A top quality sword while your opponent is defenseless Getting your aunt to distract the guards with explosive cookies


The more edges the better.

First, edges will cancel out any penalties you are under. Penalties could be from negative traits, a flaw in your plan, or spanners other characters have thrown in the works.

Second, the more edges, and the better the edges, the more spectacular your success. This could improve the results, or just mean that rather than scraping by, you breeze through it looking good.

Contested Actions

Sometimes, two players will want to do things that directly oppose each other. Where possible, both players will succeed, but if its a matter of one or the other, it comes down to edges.

We compare major edges. The player with the most wins. If both players have the same, we'll consider significant edges, and then minor. If all edges turn out equal, random chance will be involved.

Clan Actions

There are few things that you can really do alone in the world, even if all you need is someone to hold the ladder. As a clan official you can expect some support.

Your clan don't mindless follow your commands however. They will listen to reasonable requests, but it may take extra effort to convince them to do dangerous of laborious things.

Depending on what influence traits you have, this will be easier in certain areas. If you are leader of your clan military, the soldiers will follow your orders without question. If you are the all out leader of your clan, you can expect little resisitance.

The average clan member only has minor skills (you are a pretty spectacular person in comparison). They grant larger edges in areas in which the clan is doing particularly well, as described by the system here. This also depends strongly on how talented you are at leading them.

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