Playing the Fallen

The clans which currently comprise the Fallen tend to be either the descendants of those who first sought posthumanity or those that were assimilated as a result of trying to recruit experts.

Faction Goals

Generally, The Fallen have the following goals as a whole:

  1. The acquisition of new knowledge that could lead to posthumanity. This includes new rituals, machine blueprints, philosophical texts, etc…
  2. The conversion of certain people to the right path. They are intent on recruiting the best and brightest of other factions. This includes mages, scientists and priests, and they will do so by any means, so long as it isn't likely to spark a conflict.
  3. The preservation of their most powerful knowledge from those who do not seek posthumanity. This involves making sure classified knowledge does not leave Fallen hands, hunting thieves, and occasionally going to war with others who would misuse that knowledge.

Allegiance Requirements/Bonuses

When you pick a faction you must also pick one of the organisations of that faction. The members of an organisation are responsible for making sure that part of the faction runs effectively. Your organisation will give you imperatives, which it will expect you to look into. The organisation also has resources at its disposal which as a member you will have access to. However if you disappoint your organisation enough these privileges will be revoked.

Organisations have requirements to join them; these include relevant skills which would make you a valued member, as well as ideologies and beliefs. If you do have a concept which doesn’t meet all the requirements please discuss it with the GM’s, as we may be willing to make an exception.

Unless stated otherwise, your clan is assumed to be involved in some low-level task that keeps society running, such as farming, running a trading post or otherwise performing a valuable, but mundane service.

Faction Traits



  • Skills: Knowledge of fighting, stratagy and/or technological studies.
  • Devotion to the Cause: A will to work for the good of the Fallen
  • Mechanically Improved: Subjected to one or more mechanical improvements.


  • Machined: One or more mechanical improvements provides up to a significant edge when performing certain tasks. Can be combined with widget for extra punch.
  • One with the Machine: The engineers of the Machinists are among the best in the world, and have knowledge of a huge range of esoteric devices. By consulting their archives of blueprints you can get up to a significant edge in matters dealing with machinery.
  • The Weight of The Cage: All those mechanical contraptions are certainly not very light, and consequently you incurr a minor penalty to anything that involves dexterity.
  • Orphaned from the Wild: Your improved connection to machines has deadened your connection to spirits. You suffer a minor penalty when dealing with spirit magic or spirits in general.



  • Skills: Knowledge of Fighting, Stratagy, Investigation, Subterfuge, natural studies and/or spirit magic
  • Devoted to the Cause: A willingness to pursue posthumanity at any cost
  • Biologicaly Improved: Subjected to one or more biomechanical improvements
  • Self Secure: Reliance on your own abilities over mechanical contraptions


  • Beastman: Your body has been altered in ways that provide up to a significant edge in some situations. Please describe.
  • Way of the Wild: The Spellsingers of the Beastmen are as one with nature. With their advice you can gain up to a significant edge in matters that involve dealing with nature.
  • Eyes of the Wild: The improvements have left you looking different from others, even if just cosmetically. You incurr a minor penalty to anything involving convincing people.
  • Cogless: Beastmen tend to be less adept with technology than their mechanically-adept brethren, incurring a minor penalty to anything involving machines.



  • The Greater Good: A willingness to sacrifice yourself for the good of the Fallen
  • Quick Witted: The ability to think on your feet if need be
  • Judge and Jury: The ability to render impartial judgement if called upon
  • Skills: Knowledge of Subterfuge, Investigation, Oration, management and/or strategy


  • Voice of the Orrery: The Orrery is rumoured to be able to predict the future. When consulted, it can provide up to a significant edge to certain actions.
  • The Well-Traveled: The Unsullied have gathered a lot of experience from travelling abroad. Thus you can get advice on the customs of the other factions, and you are less likely to commit a social faux-pas.
  • Sheltered Lifestyle: You suffer a minor penalty to resisting the effects of mist magic.
  • Clean Hands: Your lack of technical expertise means you suffer a minor penalty when having to rely on overly complex tools.
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