Playing a Citizen

Clans passed are offered space in the City as it is available. They join for the luxury its interior affords. The price may be too high, and those who refuse to pay it are ejected to the surface.

Colony Goals

Unless you have allegiance to one of the City Kings, your clan lives outside the city with the other Surface Dwellers.

The city has no real goals beyond its own survival.

Allegiance Requirements/Bonuses

When you pick a faction you must also pick one of the organisations of that faction. The members of an organisation are responsible for making sure that part of the faction runs effectively. Your organisation will give you imperatives, which it will expect you to look into. The organisation also has resources at its disposal which as a member you will have access to. However if you disappoint your organisation enough these privileges will be revoked.

Organisations have requirements to join them; these include relevant skills which would make you a valued member, as well as ideologies and beliefs. If you do have a concept which doesn’t meet all the requirements please discuss it with the GM’s, as we may be willing to make an exception.

King of Copper


  • Talent - You or your clan must have a useful talent to help maintain the city.
  • Wear the Mask - Members of your clan must join the Society, donning the mask.
  • Find Copper - Any source of copper must be secured.


  • The Glorious Worker's Copper Kingdom: The King of Copper is not afraid to put valiant worker on the people's projects, giving you up to a significant edge to large construction and technological projects.
  • Dig for Victory: The mining experts of the King of Copper are willing to supervise any projects involving digging, providing extra help to the project.
  • For the Good of the People: There is an inherent altruistic side of you that puts you at a minor penalty when trading for profit.
  • The Marks of Copper: The followers of the King of Copper tend to pick up odd mannerisms and facial tics, giving you a minor disadvantage when meeting new people.

King of Bone


  • All the World's Pleasures - You or your clan must have some luxury to offer the king.
  • Obey the Will of the King - You will do what the king asks. Unquestioningly.
  • Preserve Death - Corpses must be given over to the king.


  • Honour Guard: If important enough, you may be awarded the privilege of having a bone warrior serve and defend you.
  • Pleasures of the Flesh: You have the Kings menagerie at your disposal. The pleasures, entertainments and luxuries this affords can be applied to provide up to a significant edge when negotiating deals.
  • Pampered Lifestyle: Your life of luxury in the city puts you at a minor penalty when having to rough it out in the wild.
  • Sheltered: A lifetime spent deep in the city has made you more vulnerable to the storms, putting you at a minor penalty to resist its effects.

The Surface Dwellers


  • Band of Brothers: Don't betray any man among the surface dwellers.
  • Hard 'nough Life: Your clan is used to roughing it, conditions on the surface are far from good.
  • Oh woe is me: Very few people choose to live on the surface, perhaps you were exiled from the city, in any case explain how you ended up on the surface.


  • We are Anonymous: The shanties of the Dwellers are a maze, and you have friends throughout willing to shelter you at short notice. You have up to a significant edge when trying to hide or remain anonymous among the Dwellers.
  • Rumor Mill: You have the ear of the many leaders of the Dwellers, and they trust what you say. It is very easy for you to spread propaganda among the Dwellers, and it tends to spread from there.
  • Common Tastes: You lack familiarity with the rarer things in life, putting you at a minor disadvantage when trying to trade for strange or unusual goods.
  • Nothing to your Name: Your name is unknown in most circles. You suffer a minor penalty when trying to negotiate with renowned people.
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