Rules Clarifications

Magic Costs *additional* AP

If you wish to cast a spell, you must spend AP. If you wish to use your skills and traits, you must spend AP. If you wish to do both, you must spend combined AP.

  • You can go on a mission and do nothing but cast a spell for the spell AP. - E.g. 'I stand on the hill outside the fort and firebomb it'.
  • You can go on a mission, use minimal skills for self defense and cast a spell for 1AP extra. - E.g. 'I stand outside the gates, firebomb the fort, then run. My fighting skill should keep me safe.'
  • You can go on a mission, use all your sills and cast a spell for 2AP extra. - E.g. 'I sneak into the court diguised as the pope, blather my way into the high council chamber, firebomb the room then leap at the king with poisoned daggers to make sure the job is done.'

Copy Pasting Briefs is Bad Form

We feel it is outside the spirit of the game to copy the briefs you recieve to other players wholesale. This includes news, allegiance briefs and sections of your own turnsheet response. The society game is in part a game of secrets and lies. To be told something IC involves trust, doubt, and chinese whispers; to read the brief the GMs gave you OC obliterates all that, and it's too much to expect players to doctor briefs they are given.

There's an amount of common sense to this. Simply put we're fine with you sharing information with others as long as you get permission from us first. We'd prefer it if you did this more because you didn't have time in-session, or because someone wasn't at the session for you to tell them, rather than as an alternative to telling people yourself, n your own words.

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