Trading Resources

Along with Health, Wealth and Happiness, any important resources your clan has will be noted on your clan page.

The simplest way to improve the lot of your clan is through trading with another clan. If you have something they want, and they have something you want, a lucrative deal may be possible.


Each clan has a short list of resources at their disposal. These are the big stockpiles, generally acquired through effort. A mountain of food is a resource, as is a working mine.

Resources must be sustainable. Your clan must be able to grow/build/train/mine more to maintain the supply.

Resources can be big, allowing you to use them for more than one thing. This is noted as a number of slots, written in brackets next to the resource.

Generally, you will be setting up permanent trades or uses for your resources. You can also set up one-off uses.

Example - A clan's Resources

  • Warhorses (3) - Clan are professional stablemen.
    1. Providing for Clan Armed Forces (+Health)
    2. Trading with Corvidae for Protection
    3. Unused.

Putting a Resource to Work

Unless you find a use for it, your warehouse of sharp pointy things is going to do you diddly squat. You could put your pointy things in the hands of your clansmen and send them to beat on the neighbors, or sell them to your neighbors who want to beat of the guys next to them.

Resources are big things; it takes skill and effort to put them to use and make it stick. To arrange a boon for your or another clan requires 2AP and an appropriate skill.

  1. Setting up a permanent trade requires 2AP
  2. Setting up a permanent internal use requires 2AP
  3. Setting up a temporary resource use requires 1AP

The Entertainer

Brad has a Resource:

  • Minstrels (2) - Wandering singers and dancers.
    1. Unused.
    2. Unused.

He wants them to stop wandering and instead entertain his clan. He turnsheets “2AP - use my management skill to arrange concerts for my clansmen”. Since he has a spare slot, he decides to put them to work “1AP - Serenade my lover”.

The resource now reads:

  • Minstrels (2) - Wandering singers and dancers.
    1. Entertaining the clan (+Happiness).
    2. Unused.

The Minstrels, will continue to provide Brad's clan a happiness boon until further notice. The one off use is not noted here.

Acquiring and Improving

As time goes on, new opportunities may present themselves, or you may have clever plans that can improve your clan's lot. You can spend AP to try and acquire or improve resources.

In system terms, making something bigger is the same as making something better. Improvements will give an existing resource more slots. The GMs will judge how many slots an improvement is worth based on the skills involved and how original the idea was.

Example - Power Lutes

Brad's Minstrels are in high demand, and he needs more of the buggers. He asks his friend Maddy, the scientist, to help. Maddy pores over ancient tomes and, cackling, develops the Power Lute - An instrument imbued with the essence of the gods!

Better is as good as Bigger, so Brad's resources now read.

  • Minstrels (4) - Wandering singers and dancers, wielding Power Lutes!
    1. Entertaining the clan (+Happiness).
    2. Entertaining the Pope in exchange for food supplies.
    3. Unused.
    4. Unused.

Note: Background Trading

Of course, your clan have lots of small resources, and are trading bits and pieces of everything for everything all the time. Your Resources are the really spectacular hauls that wont shift themselves.

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