Character Magic

At character generation, you can, if you so choose, give your character the ability to shape the forces of nature to your will through the magical arts. There are several schools of magic, each focussing on a different primal aspect of the world. in order to give your character access to


When a child is born at the height of a particularly fierce storm, something of the chaos and energy of the Storms seems to get planted within them. From then on, chaos and destruction will follow them wherever they go. Those that can achieve control, however, find that with their energies of the Storm flowing through them, there is little they can't do.

Play a Stormtouched if you'd like to:

  • Wield powerful elemental forces for destruction or creation.
  • Not have to worry much about complex magic systems but jump straight in.
  • Play a free-thinking, impassioned character.

Storm Magic


Those that stray too far into the Mists come back permanently scarred by their experience, their minds scoured by the insidious touch of the Mists. Some victims, however, regain their mental faculties, and with them get some control over the Mist itself. Though they remember nothing of their previous life, the Mistborn are absolutely a force to be reckoned with, walking a precarious tightrope between great power and madness.

Play a Mistborn if you'd like to:

  • Use the Mist to create illusions, manipulate objects and screw with people's minds.
  • Have a magic system with a wide range of possibilities and advancement paths.
  • Play an amnesiac with mysterious powers.

Mist Magic


A connection to the Spirits that populate the world can manifest in many different ways. Spirits are at the core of the living world, and dictate its properties. By bargaining with spirits, Shamans are able to coax new life from barren soil, close wounds, mine through rock that defeated the hardest tools.

The Fallen use spirit magic as part of their quest for posthumanity.

Play a Shaman if you want to:

  • Bargain with spirits to bend the natural world to your will.
  • Create fearsome animal aberrations.
  • Play a character with a deep connection to the spirit world.

Spirit Magic

Warlocks and the Passions

As people go through life, they leave a trail of emotions and memories behind them. Warlocks are those able to manipulate these passions and harness them, whether to influence people's emotions, the semi-concious remains of the dead, or fate itself.

Play a Warlock if you'd like to:

  • Manipulate fate, emotion, and the spirits of the dead
  • Play a mysterious character.
  • Practice a magic that requires careful planning.
  • Warp the hearts and minds of your enemies.

Passion Magic


Geomancy is the magic of manipulating the fragments; guiding them, raising them, moving them and twisting them. While the other forms of magic are due to your character having some form of connection to the world that normal people lack, Geomancy is much closer to a science. By learning specific equations, accurately modelling the shape of a fragment, and finding its tipping points, a Geomancer can precisely change its position.

Geomancy functions as a skill, like Natural Studies, Technological Studies and Civil Studies; you gain ranks in it either by buying them at game start or by training. It works on a build point system, as described here, with your skill level in Geomancy determining the magnitude of effects the project has.

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