A Common Problem

“Aaargh! I'm a student and I have exams next week!”

“My dog ate my car!”


If any of the above apply to you, don't worry.

Real Life is (supposedly) more Imporant

Let us know before turnsheeting if life has snuck up and stolen your shoes. Stories of people who can consistently commit their tuesdays and time for a whole year are legendary. This is fun, not work, and any stress should be IC only.

Let us know beforehand if you can't make it to session - even if its right before. This is really helpful in case someone was expecting you to turn up, as we can prepare an NPC stand in or something.

Try to turnsheet something - We'd rather get a bare bones turnsheet than none at all. Heres some ideas.

  1. 8AP: Train.
  2. 8AP: Do whatever people expected me to do.
  3. 8AP: Do what my clan want me to.
  4. 8AP: Find an adventure. Go on it.
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