Character Generation

Before you can play Broken Worlds, you will need to create a character and their clan.

It's not too hard to build up a character. We've broken the process down into several steps to help. The most important thing is to think about what you'll have fun playing. The numbers can come later.

There are some sample characters available to give you a rough idea, and skimming over the traits and skills should give you some ideas. If you are having trouble, feel free to Email us for help.

Experience Points

Each player has 16 experience points to spend.

These are used to purchase your characters starting Skills, Character Traits, Clan Traits and NPC Traits, as described later. There are some options that have a negative point cost. If you take these, you will get more experience points to spend. You can only gain 6 extra points in this way.

1) Concept

The most important thing is to come up with a character concept that you'll have fun playing. This section should help you do that. Your concept is broken into three areas:

  1. Who you are: The hero of this story.
  2. Where you come from: The clan you hero represents.
  3. Who else is important: The other people in your clan.

Alternativly look through the setting and see what you find interesting, and build your charecter around that.

2) Pick an Allegiance and Organization

The Broken world has various factions who come together and meet every 6 months. These are the Union of Clans, The Confederacy, The City Fragment and The Fallen. You will get more localised news dependant on your faction, as well as a group of allies to back you up.

Once you have chosen a faction you must choose an organization from that faction, which your clan has strong links to. Your organization will give you closer allies and imperatives which you will rewarded for accomplishing. It will also give you additional traits, both positive and negative.

3) Pick Character Skills

Again unique to your character, these are the meat and veg of what your character is good at. You purchase skills at different levels. The higher the level, the better you are.

Skills are purchased from your Experience Points

See the Skills Page for a list of skills.

4) Pick Clan Traits

Traits describe the most important facets of your clan, and can be helpful in coming up with a solid concept. They are split into positive traits (that will make your clan useful/powerful) and negative traits (that will cause you grief)

At character gen you must pick one positive trait to describe your clan. You may take additional positive traits by taking additional negative ones to the same value, up to a maximum of four positive traits in total (and three negative).

You cannot pick the same trait multiple times. If you want a really focused family, consider taking matching traits. For example a family of master toolmakers could have 'Professionals: Smiths' and 'Custodian: Smelting plant'.

Negative Traits do not necessarily need to be fixed immediately, but if you don't act on them they may ultimately come back to bite you.

The List of Clan Traits can be found on the Clan Traits page.

5) Pick Your Character Traits

Traits are another aspect of your character, they cover all sorts of things from aspects of your personality to abilities to perform a type of magic, as well as things that have happened in your backstory.

Traits are purchased from your Experience Points.

A list of Traits can be found on the Character Traits Page.

6) Make a Clan NPC

This is an optional step, a clan NPC (Non-Player Character) is a character played by the GM's. They have a special connection to your character, and you should say what this is. You can illustrate this by taking NPC traits.

NPC Traits are purchased from your Experience Points.

7) Finalize

Write us a bit about your character and their clan, what they do for a living, and what has happened to them to make them who they are today. It doesn’t need to be long. Then email us your character concept or speak to us at the first session, and we’ll set you up a user page and account.

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