The Mists

In opposition to the storm cloud’s roiling chaos above, the mists are formless and uniform in colour. Where the clouds have constant motion and chaos, the mist can seem to be uncaring and passive, though the rises and canyons in the mass beneath can seem to form and move with some kind of slow purpose. The mists may not be sending dreadful storms your way, and may not be raining water giving your farm life, but inevitably they will be of great import; all fragments rise from the Mist, and whatever your actions to try and keep them aloft eventually to the Mist they must return.

In addition, those families who drifted far down to the Mist’s edge have come up… changed. On risen fragments have been found whole families just sitting in their houses, staring blankly at the walls. On others, the residents seem to have had their perspective twisted so that that what was once familiar is now strange, yet problems unsolvable by the greatest minds of the tribe are trivially easy to them. Rarely one may fall into the Mists, and yet appear unscathed on a fragment somewhere intact in body but addled in mind - these are the mistborn, and the Mist seems often to reach for them, stretching ponderously towards their fragment like the arm of a laconic giant before falling back down into the blue depths.

Research has shown that the mists are strongly associated with life energy. Life energy is stored in fragments and is what keeps them afloat. When a fragment rises from the mists it is bursting with life energy, as life develops on a fragment it slowly drains this energy, and once it is gone, a fragment will return to the mists.

Those whose minds have been touched by the mists can often show some ability in controlling and shaping the mists themselves, or subsequently traveling through them without experiencing any further effects. Although understanding of such powers remains rather limited, there are those who believe that the serenity of the mists can bring, in moderation, focus and understanding to the mind, clearing it of worldly thoughts and desires. There are few who would go so far as to try to attain such power themselves, however, as people tend not to wish risking their own minds for it.

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