Turnsheets are to be created and written on their own pages on this wiki system. On your user page you can find the appropriate links to turnsheet pages for each turn. Use these and click on the “Create this page” button to create and write your turnsheet. You can then edit and update it as much as you wish before the Friday midnight deadline. Here is a sample turnsheet to give you an example of how yours might look and highlight certain features and good practices when writing them.

Raphael Bygone - Turnsheet 3


  • Fight for Justice (4 AP, risky)
  • Continue Building the Doom Cannon (2 AP)
  • Conditional: Attempt to Blow Up the Orb of Destiny (2 AP, cautious)
  • Conditional: Study in the Library (2 AP)

A summary helps GMs to quickly get a good overview of what is going on with your character this turn and helps you to keep track of where all of your 8 AP is going.


Fight for Justice (4 AP, risky)

I have learned of the Sky Pirates' plan to attack an important Union shipment in the coming few weeks, and will be working with Abe Nietsnie to stop this. First we shall wait in hiding on board the airship that will be carrying the goods. When the pirates strike we will emerge and use our various special weaponry to fend them off. The pirate captain, Cap'n Definitelyhasabeard, is known to have some sort of anti-explosives device capable of dealing with my Storm Ore Explosives Launcher, but little does he expect me to use the Flaming Towel Launcher that I invented last season. Obviously the supplies should try to be kept intact, but the pirates must be fought off, so don't be too worried if some of them get a bit destroyed too.

Relevant things:

  • Fighting 2 (Combat With Explosives)
  • Augmented (Storm Ore Explosives Launcher)
  • Flaming Towel Launcher

Action descriptions can be as long as you wish. Generally, if you have a clever plan for something and can well describe what you are doing, you have better chances of succeeding. Your actions can involve other players and NPCs too, in which case it helps to mention them in the description, although you can not specifically take actions for another character. A list of things relevant to that action helps to remind GMs of what your character has to aid/hinder them in carrying the action out. Also remember to specify whether it is done in a risky or cautious manner.

Continue Building the Doom Cannon (2 AP)

The Doom Cannon should currently be at 2/6 BP. Spend some more time working on it for one more BP.

Relevant things:

  • Tech Studies 2 (Creating Explosives)

Equally, action descriptions can be short. Certain things, like the continuing of build projects, need little explanation.

Conditional: Attempt to Blow Up the Orb of Destiny (2 AP, cautious)

Captain Oblivious has asked me to examine his Orb of Destiny and try to work out its purpose. If he sends it for me to take a look at, try launching some explosives at it and see what happens. Obviously take care so as not to die in the process or start off something that'll destroy the entire fragment I'm on, but ensure it gets a good exploding for the sake of science.

Relevant things:

  • Tech Studies 2 (Creating Explosives)
  • Augmented (Storm Ore Explosives Launcher)

Actions can also be conditional to depend on other characters and their turnsheets. For instance, here this action is specified only for if the Captain Oblivious character sends Raphael his Orb of Destiny item, which will need to be specified in Oblivious' turnsheet (or by the GM playing him if he's an NPC). If this doesn't happen, the action simply does not occur. Definite actions may also have conditional parts which are only carried out if the appropriate conditions are met.

Conditional: Study in the Library (2 AP)

If the Orb of Destiny does not arrive for some reason thus leaving spare AP, spend the time studying flying machine manuals and the like in the college library to further my Tech Studies with a specialisation in Flying Machines.

Relevant things:

  • Tech Studies 2 (Creating Explosives)

Pure study actions need little explanation except for possible new specialisations, and whether the action is risky/cautious need not be specified. Note that this action is a fallback should the previous conditional action not occur, so that the additional 2 AP gets used. If conditions are such that your character ends up trying to use up too much or too little AP, the GMs will try to balance it accordingly so that the 8 AP available get used on appropriate actions that actually do end up happening.


  • Ask the department head for more Storm Ore for experiments.
  • Attend the party being held by Captain Oblivious.
  • Send the plans for the Flaming Towel Launcher to Jean-Michel.

Housekeeping actions are things that require relatively little time/effort and do not have any significant effect in system terms. Generally, it is for actions that can be so briefly summarised in one line like these. They include accessing or sharing with others resources already available to you, attending parties or meetings without trying to do anything special, and so on.

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