Your Clan

You are responsible for the wellbeing of your clan. Most of your actions will reflect back on your clan in one way or another, and they may ask you specifically for help in certain things.

Health, Wealth and Happiness

The success of your clan is recorded by these three factors.

  • Health - Military - It's survival of the fittest; how strong, hale and hearty your clan is. City walls, a well trained army, better swords and leaner citizens are noted down as health. So are diseases and recent injuries.
  • Wealth - Trade - How affluent your clan is. Sophisticated homes, manufacturing capabilities, a storm ore mine and hoards of trade goods are noted down as wealth. So are famines and recent robberies.
  • Happiness - Culture - How socially stable and respected your clan is. Good entertainment, charismatic leadership, strong religion and historic achievements are noted down as happiness. So are internal conflicts and propaganda.

Your average clan is interested in all these things, but likely to specialize in one. Your clan traits may give you an intial advantage or disadvantage in one area.

Naturally, there is some crossover. A famine is likely to leave you physically weaker, and less happy. We'll generally put things on the tally the instigator requests.

How it works

The Health, Wealth and Happiness tallies are a way of keeping track of how well your clan is doing. The more positive points on these tallies, the better off your clan is.

Your tallies are also useful when clans are directly competing. Clans with higher Health will do better in conflict. Clans with higher Wealth can bid better for valuable resources. Clans with higher Happiness are more politically respected.

The clans and colonies doing best in any tally will be publicly known. On the plus side, your renown means you'll have more say in the running of the colony. On the down side, it'll make you a target for the others who want to be top dog.

You can have a more tangible rank in one of the colony's allegiances by taking the clout trait. Your clout is dependent on how well you do in a particular tally. If we need to compare your rank to another clan, we will compare your tally to theirs.

Example - A Clan HWH

Health (3)

  • City Walls - Built by Enki Sedlak
  • Storm Defenses - Designed by Enki Sedlak
  • Trained Troops - Trained by Raijin Sedlak
  • Badly Injured (negative) - Due to repeated attacks by capriraptors

Wealth (3)

  • Profitable Trade - Explorers hired by many clans
  • Impeccable Reputation - After Sedlak explorers discovered ancient ruins
  • Hat Supplies - Trade deal between Milliners and Sedlaks. Hats for Storm Ore
  • Starving (negative) - Farms failed for unknown reasons

Happiness (-1)

  • Fearsome Reputation - Thanks to the exploits of Raijin Sedlak
  • In Mourning (negative) - After high priestess was murdered
  • In-Fighting (negative) - Over nature of religion

Getting something Tallied

It takes the following to get something tallied

  1. A smart Idea - 'build a wall around my settlement' will work the first time, but building a second wall is not going to add much more.
  2. Appropriate Skills - Trading for wealth requires diplomatic skills, constructing a new widget requires technological ones. You may also need the raw resources.
  3. AP - It will generally take at least 2AP to get something tallied. For administrative reasons, even if something falls in your lap it takes 1AP to implement it and get it tallied (other players may pay this cost for you). For example, a military victory will only be enough to raise a clan's happiness once you've celebrated in back home with a parade or similar.

Example - Spending AP

Derek is a military man worried about defense.

He hires Amanda to build him some city walls. Amanda complies, and turnsheets “2AP - build city walls around clan Derek”.

The GMs decide that the task succeeds, and adds a note on Derek's Clan Health “City Walls - Built by Amanda”.


You can affect more than your own clan's tallies. If someone is doing particularly well in the clan game, or you simply don't like them, you may want to try and knock them down a peg or two.

Sabotage is an action like anything else. You could be trying to burn their stores down, block their trade routes, or distribute unsettling propaganda.

If successful, the result will be negative tallies on their clan page, or the nullifying of a positive one.

Example - Poison the well

Gigas is a natural scientist specializing in explosively diabolical poisons. He gives his latest concoction to his friendly neighbourhood ninja, who turnsheets “2AP - put poison in Amanda's clan reservoir

The GMs know just how potent that poison is, but that Amanda isn't immediately sure whats going on. They add to Amanda's Health Tally:

Health (-2)

  • Diseased (negative) - Your people are very very ill all of a sudden.
  • Famine (negative) - All your crops have started wilting.

Similar Tasks

Repeatedly doing the same thing must not net you the same reward each time. This is boring and illogical. 'Train the Troops' done 2000 times will not result in the best army.

If a task overlaps a previous one too much, it becomes a sub point. Sub points don't count to your tally, though if enough of them stack up we may expand it into a second point. They do, however, reinforce the main point, making it harder to get rid of it.

Example: Similar Tasks

Action - 2AP: I tend to the sick in my clan.

Clan Health Tally - 1

  • Healthy Clan - There are few sick people in the clan.

Action - 4AP: I incorporate a sewer system to reduce infection.

Clan Health Tally - 1

  • Healthy Clan - There are few sick people in the clan.
    • A sewer system helps reduce infection.

Action - 4AP: I build a hospital.

Clan Health Tally - 1

  • Healthy Clan - There are few sick people in the clan.
    • A sewer system helps reduce infection.
    • Hospital further assures health

Action - 6AP: I have a crystal Amethyst statue of health built in the town.

Clan Health Tally - 2

  • Healthy Clan - There are few sick people in the clan.
    • A stature of Amethyst magically keeps them disease free.
  • Super Healthy Clan - The hospital makes a difference.
    • A sewer system helps reduce infection.


Tallies are generally Persistent. They wont go away unless someone makes them.

This makes sense for some tasks, though most will have a lifespan. Trained troops lose their touch. Injured people eventually heal. People get over their loss.

Some tallies may become too commonplace to be worth recording, or even completely obsolete. A Health boon because your troops have shiny swords becomes obsolete if everyone has them. It's a penalty if everyone else has flame throwers!

Clan Influence

Getting your families help is very important in the broken worlds, as you'll need help for most tasks.

Unskilled labour is required to build cathedrals; manpower is required for the more complex magic rituals, raising an army to go into battle and that brand new trebuchet you've just invented needs man power to mass produce. Even more personal task will need someone to pack your lunch for you, and help you check over your equipment.

Alternatively you might need to clear out a nest of attack badgers living in your basement, and even though you don't have the skill to remove them yourself, at a pinch you can probably find someone with the skills somewhere in your clan.

All these things require you to influence your clan to get them to help you out. Your clan is of the opinion that for it to scratch your back, you need to scratch its. Bring lots of resources, defenses and happiness to your clan as well as solving its problems will allow you to ask more from them.

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