Sample Characters

Sample Character - Abe Nietsnie and Tech Development.

Allegiance and Organisation

Allegiance – The Union Organisation – The Legion of Unity


Technology Studies 3 Spec: Biological Weapons (+9), Fighting 2 Spec: Exotic Weapons(+5), Natural Studies 1 Spec: Weaponising Animals (+2).


Scavenger (+1), Heirloom (+1), Kind of a Big Deal (+1). Blackouts (-3), Foolhardy (-2).

Clan Traits

Custodian: Workshop, Tough, Skunthorpe.


Abe work in the Tech Development Department of the Legions Unites. They are responsible for coming up with new and interesting weapons for use on the battlefield (Tech Studies, Natural Studies). They are also responsible for deploying these weapons in battle, so they know how to defend themselves (Fighting, Tough.) Often after a battle he will search the enemy for interesting finds which he can use in further tech development (Scavenger). Unfortunately these weapons don’t always work as expected, and half the time things will blow up, or break down. Because of this they are a little unpopular with the troops, while people in the union think they waste money on pointless contraptions. (Skunthorpe)

The Department has a well equipped workshop for coming up with these new weapons (workshop). Abe is quite important in the department, and this is partly because of his book (Heirloom). This book is full of useful solutions to specific problems. Whenever Abe gets stuck with a problem he will look in his book, and there is nearly always a solution for him. Sometimes he will swear the solution wasn’t there the last time he opened it.

Abe has his head a little in the clouds, and his inventions aren’t always the best thought out, he like to make modifications after the testing phase, when he knows what’s wrong, rather than doing complicated calculations to make them work well in the first place. Unfortunately his testing phase is quite often a proper battle. (Foolhardy) Abe also has the unfortunate habit of having blackouts, apparently randomly, consequentially he chooses to ignore them. I mean nothing bad has come of them. Yet.

He also has a lucky monkey wrench, passed down from his forefathers (Heirloom). It seems to e pretty normal, but he finds that things he makes with it tend to fail a bit less often.

Sample Character - Chane Laforet, Unsullied Assassin

Chane is an Unsullied assassin ocasionally sent out to preemptively dispose of threats to the Fallen.

Allegiance and Organisation

Fallen - Unsullied


Subterfuge 3 (+9) with a specialization in infiltration, Fighting 2 with a specialisation in Close Quarters (+5)

Chane is a master thief and more than able to hold her own in a scrap.

Total cost for skills: 14

Points Left to Spend: 2 (8 with 6 points worth of flaws)


Flying their Flag (+3) - Secretely a member of the Knights of the Rose. She's been lucky in that so far, the Fallen's and the Knight's targets have coincided.

Heirloom (+3) - An ancient artifact consisting of a pair of daggers which perpetually secrete poisons from the blade. Part of the collection of a wealthy merchant who amassed a vast ammount of wealth by selling weapons to raider clans.

Heirloom (+1) - A compass that always points to whoever's blood was spilled on it

Scavenger (+1)

Foolhardy (-2) - A nasty habit of rushing in headfirst before thinking things through.

Bad Blood (-3) - The Union has lost several high officials to Chane's blades, and she didn't quite get away as cleanly as she'd hoped. They've put a sizeable bounty on her head.

Animal Antipathy (-1) - Dogs hate Chane.

Total Cost 22 (and 6 Points worth of flaws)

Clan Traits

Loyalty (+) and Plain Nasty (-) - The clan is famous for a long line of assassins, renowned for a lot of high-profile hits, which doesn't sit well with a lot of people. This has however brought them together more tightly, in an effort to protect themselves.

Tough (+) - A clan of assassins is not something you want to mess with.

Sample Character - Lua Klein, Surface Dweller Pirate

Allegiance and Organisation

City Fragment - Surface Dweller


Administration 3 (+9) With a specialisation in Paperwork - Lua is a master of getting her cargo past customs and making an extremely large profit margin.

Oration 2 (+5) With a specialisation in fast-talking - Knowing how to express yourself properly can keep your crew in line and convince customs officials to avoid inspecting the strange crate leaking glowing green fluids.

Total cost so far: 14

Points Remaining: 2 (8 with 6pts worth of flaws)


Flying Their Flag (+3) - Lua is secretely working with the Sky Pirates, they tend to have the best loot anyway.

Flying Their Flag (+2) - Lua is openly a member of the Traders Renaisse, captaining one of their merchant ships.

Heirloom (+3) - The Valiant, a flying machine with a sizeable cargo hold but low on defense. Useful for passing as a simple trader ship, and few know of the secret compartments in its hold.

Skeletons in the Closet (-3) - Lua has a past as a slave trader. A business deal gone wrong convinced her to stop pursuing that career. Her old business partners are after her, thinking she made off with their money, and most cultures condemn slavery outright.

Vice (-2) - Lua is addicted to a rare herb with hallucinogenic properties.

Klutz (-1) - So far nothing major, except that one thing with the slavers…

Total points: 22 (6 points worth of flaws)

Clan Traits

Tough (+) - Being a long line of hardened pirates will do that.

Sample Character - Raphael Bygone, Battle Scientist

Allegiance and Organisation

The Union – The College of Horizons


Fighting 2 (+5) specialising in Combat With Explosives, Technology Studies 2 (+5) specialising in Creating Explosives


I'm Kind of a Big Deal (+1), Augmented (+3) with a Storm Ore Explosives Launcher mounted on one arm.

Clan Traits

Image Control

Clan NPC Traits

Impressed Superior (+2) in the form of a head of faculty who supports his vigilante efforts and so allows him access to resources such as additional Storm Ore.


Raphael is an inventor working for a small faculty of researchers within the College of Horizons. His interests include explosives, blowing things up and combustion. He is well known throughout the Archipelago as being both a capable combatant and researcher, combining these to show wrongdoers the evil of their ways through the power of science. As something of a vigilante warrior, he travels the lands in his White Coat of Justice and fights for what he feels is right. He has a device on his left arm into which test-tubes of explosives formed from Storm Ore can be loaded and launched which he uses in battle with devastating effect. For all of his fame the Legion of Unity has tried to recruit him for their technological department, although he has always refused on the grounds that it “isn't his style”.

His faculty seems quite well able to make a good image for themselves and as such are often praised for their work and research. This also helps in making people still hear all the best of Raphael when he has perhaps been a little bit trigger-happy and destroyed just a little too much. Rarely do people focus on the amount he has blown up and whether it was really necessary when speaking of him.

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