The Temple

The Temple of Elders now sits on a rock distant from all the major colonies. Its great halls are crumbling with age, but intricately carved. From its tallest spire extends a beacon of stormlight. From the bases of the fragment curl wisps of mist.

It has always been a gathering place; Its myrriad magical protections made it a sanctuary where all can come without fear.


The Temple has been around for longer than people can remember. It stood on a hill at the centre of the Archipelago, since before it became the Union, although it seems a great deal older.

After the split, it fell into disuse, partly due to the Union becoming a peaceful place, partly because it was inaccessible.


When the Mist Boiled, it took the temple. It was only recently rediscovered in an isolated stretch of the Broken World.

The Ferrymen have set up a base around the temple, and have agreed to transport all attendees to the place. The journey takes several days, but is generally worth the trip.

The Powers of the Temple

The temple has several layered enchantments which only the Caretaker comes close to understanding. The magic of the temple has a number of effects.

The Wards

  • You cannot cast magic while at the temple.

The Temple is laced with metallic substance that makes it impervious to both the Storms and the Mists, both from without and within. Any attempts to cast Storm or Mist Magic while within the Temple will be severely dampened or dissipated entirely.

It is unsure if Passion and Spirit Magic are equally warded, but since the rites for both take a long time to complete, it is a moot point.

The Aura of Pacifism

  • You are unable to be physically aggressive to others while at, or journeying to/from the Temple.
  • You are equally unable to steal or vandalize.

A grand passion aura fills the temple that prevents people attacking each other. In a place of heated debate, this is essential. What fuels the aura is unclear, but some claim to feel the presence of ghosts walking the temple halls.

The Summons

  • People instinctively know when to set off for the Temple.
  • Travel To and From the Temple is Safe.

When the time for session draws close, a great beacon of light blasts from the Temple up into the storms. into the sky. This is the summons, and those posessed of a Keystone instinctively feel it and know to set off to the temple.

While journeying, the summoned are blessed with protections similar to the Aura of Pacifism. It is difficult for them to come to harm until they have finished their return journey from the Temple.

The Keystones

  • Your Keystones grant you Temple access.
  • You cannot enter or leave the temple without your Keystone.

The Keystones are small round stones with a hole through them, and runes carved into the surface. When each ambassador first comes to the temple a Keystone is prepared, and attuned to them.

The supply of Keystones is limited. They are handed out sparingly, making bodyguards unwelcome as well as unnecessary.

Because Keystones are rare, it is 'requested' that disgraced Ambassadors are brought to the Temple once, in order to have their Keystone de-tuned and re-assigned. Prisoners can attend session with their keystone in another person's custody, preventing them from leaving.

The Lawn

  • Keep Off The Grass

There is a very neat lawn outside the temple doors which seems to be connected with the temple Magics. The Caretaker is very particular about people damaging the lawn for this reason.

The Cellars

  • Stay Out of the Private Rooms

Not all areas of the temple are open to the visitors.

The Keepers and The Caretaker

As long as people can remember, the temple has been inhabited by a small old man, referred to as the Caretaker. While affable, the man's mind is gone. He is content to wile away the days sweeping the temple halls.

He is also the only person who knows how to work the temple magic.

With the re-opening of the temple, it was agreed that the four major colonies should have a representative in the temple. These four are called the Keepers, and it is their oath to see the temple remains a safe and neutral haven for peaceful discussion. So far all four have shown themselves to be entirely free from their own agendas.

The Rules

  1. Obey the wishes of the Elders.
  2. No Pets
  3. No Violence
  4. No Stealing
  5. No Vandalism
  6. No Magic
  7. No Nudity
  8. Bring yourself, not your army.
  9. No Tresspassing. Stay out of the back rooms, and off the lawn.
  10. Under no circumstances interfere with the temple magics.
  11. Look after you Keystone, and keep it on you at all times.

OC Convention

  • Avoid Skill Use - Session is for plotting, so try to avoid doing things that you should be putting in your turnsheet.
  • No Actual Violence - No actual fighting, and no grabbing or blocking without player consent.
  • Be Polite OC - Its all well and good to be swearing blue murder IC, but its generally good form to check if the target minds OC. Its also good to check before talking about more sensitive issues, such as graphic descriptions of violence, as some people will be uncomfortable with this.
  • No IC Violence, Magic or similar - You can try, but it probably won't work.
  • Call a Gm - If you want to try something clever or funny. We'll need to arbitrate over it, or at least enjoy the drama. If things are happening faster than they can be described, we will then call a time freeze and give people a chance to declare what they are doing.
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