With each fragment acting as its own mini ecosystem, there is an extremely wide variety of creatures and plants in the Broken World. Rather than finding the same species on multiple fragments, it is more likely to be many variations of a creature.



Due to lack of large bodies of water there are no large *aquatic* animals, but there are plenty of animals we would recognise as fish.

These fly in schools around the underside of fragments, caught by hanging nets off the side of the fragments. There are rumours of great fish, the size of whales and suchlike.

Mist Kraken

There are only stories of these creatures, dwelling deep in the mists and reaching up to swallow fragments whole. The Union claims to have recorded multiple accounts of the beasts since its forming.


Pocari are small hairless hamsters which secrete a mild hallucinogenic sweat. They are usually kept by the rich people as a living drug supply, although they require expensive feed and are very easily scared to death.


The Value of Crystals

Some stones, particularly crystals, are more than just pretty rocks. It is largely held that the right crystals have healing properties, while the wrong ones can be toxic. They are even known to influencing the mind, inspiring emotions in the people holding them.

Doctors and natural scientists skilled in crystal lore know how to use crystals to treat ailments, or to look for exposure to crytals as the source of the problem.

For this reason, crystals are valuable trade goods to some people.

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