The Broken World

The Broken World has come to an end, this site is an archive. For those interested in playing the next Oxford University Roleplaying Game Society Society Game which starts in Trinity Term 2009, they should go to http://crusade.chaosdeathfish.com

The Broken World

Long ago, the world ended.

Once, there was a world of plenty. Now, there is nothing more than splinters of a land: islands drifting through the storms and the mists.

No one remembers how it happened.

Your people clung to the fragments of the land. You weathered the storms. You cultivated what scraps of life remained and salvaged what you could from the ruins of empires. It wasn't easy, but you survived.

So did others.

Slowly the remnants of society found each other. An Alliance formed, and the beginnings of safety were found.

You lead a group of survivors. You may be a hardened warrior commanding your army, a mad priest wielding the forces of nature, or even a filthy pirate out for all you can get. Whatever you are, you must now represent your people in this Alliance.

But can such disparate people work together? The selfish, the mad and the proud are already pointing blades at each other, and threaten to destroy everything you have achieved.

You face a future where there should be none. You have a chance to lead your people in building something incredible - a new society in a new world. A Broken World.

Thank You For Playing!

The Broken World Society Game has now concluded. Thank you to all our players for making it so utterly awesome!

If you've just discovered this site and want to know what all the fuss was about, you're best off starting with the FAQ.

Then take a look at our page for freshers for a more detailed explanation.

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The Broken World is the Oxford University Roleplaying Games Society Society Game for Trinity and Michaelmas '08 and Hilary '09. The Broken World is a work of fiction. By engaging in play you agree not to hold the GM Team responsible should you be mauled, injured, killed, set on fire, shot, pierced with sharp tools, stabbed, lost, crucified, or otherwise damaged, physically, emotionally or mentally, during the course of the game.

Recent Changes (updated Feb 13)

Any Recent Updates to the Setting or System will be recorded here.

  • Passion Magic Rules Chage - It may be late in the game, but we've made a slight change to the passion magic rules Learning formula is 1AP cheaper for master warlocks.
  • Cooperative Mist Magic - Notes added for when mistborn want to work together on a spell.
  • Late play Training Rules - Have been slightly edited to make Mist magic make sense.
  • Allegiance Briefs - I'm sorry to say are being cut due to time constraints. Your allegiance NPCs may still have things for you to do, and some requests may still appear in the news/individual turnsheets. People can still pull rank in an allegiance. People will no longer be able to spy on allegiance briefings directly.
  • Writing News - Updated and clarified rules for writing news articles.
  • Passion Magic Improved - You now gain 1TP every time you focus a totem.
  • Rules Clarification - Regarding Copy-Pasting Briefs.
  • Added a page on Joining the game Late
  • You can now add rumors to your turnsheet - Check the turnsheeting page.
  • Added some more stuff on Travel - regarding layout, and flying ships.
  • Added a note on How To Turnsheet
  • Fixed some errors on Passion Magic - Where we said Relic when we meant Totem.
  • Added A 'Nature' Page - Just because I can.
  • Added Details to Travel Page - Specifically about mail communication.
  • Cats are now Canon to the setting - after much heated GM debate, cats now exist in the setting (This will only make sense to old players sorry)
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