“Who are these people?”:

A: We are the Oxford Roleplaying Society. Specifically, we run this year's 'Society' Game: The Broken World.

“What's the 'Society Game', exactly?”:

A: Improvised, collaborative storytelling.

You act out the role of the character you've created, be they a silk tongued diplomat, rogue assassin or mad scientist. What happens next depends on what your character wants.

Each week, the characters meet to make deals, trade knowledge, plot, plan, yell, threaten, ally, schism and ultimately save the world… or destroy it.

Over the next two terms, 8 years of in-game time will pass, kingdoms will rise and fall, characters will either achieve their goals, or be double crossed by their peers…

“So how many people do this?”:

A: Quite a few. This is a big project aimed at around 40 players. There's always space for more people though. The more people who play, the more fun everyone has.

“And why would I want to do it?”:

A: All sorts of reasons. Some come for the political backstabbing, some for the storytelling, some to explore the unique world we've created, and some, funnily enough, to enjoy playing a role.

Generally, it’s just really good fun and a chance to meet a some great people!

“Okay, when do you meet?”:

A: We meet on Tuesday evenings, starting at 7:30 and closing at 10:30.

After session, you can log on to the website (brokenworld.chaosdeathfish.com) and fill us in on what your character is doing in the in-game gap.

“But I've never done anything like this before...”:

A: Good. This is the game for you!

We've designed The Broken World with new players in mind. There is a dedicated team of Game Masters (e.g. us) to help you get started.

“What do I need to play?”:

A: Just yourself, and maybe a notepad to jot down the deals you make.

Some players use costume to represent their character. This is atmospheric, but hardly essential. It is, however, the best chance you'll get to wear that fancy hat you bought years ago!

"Is it ok if I come by myself?":

A: Absolutely. Most people join the game individually; You will make allies (and rivals) naturally depending on your character's allegiances.

If you have a friend who might be interested, you might want to consider a joint character concept, with both of you cooperating (or competing) from a common backstory.

"Sounds awesome! What do I do next?":

A: Get in touch. There is a Character Generation session on Tuesday 14th of October especially for you. Don't worry if you miss it; People join all the time. Just check out the website, email us, or simply turn up!

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