The Storms

The roiling storm clouds above your head are a constant reminder of the chaos and flux that permeates this world, but in their capriciousness they can be a blessing as often as a curse; though the rare destructive storms may devastate a community and ruin lives, in their wake the land is often molded into something new and intriguing.

On the other hand the life-giving rain is the only source of water for those fragments without springs welling up from inside them and can feed your crops and rejuvanate a fragment's failing agriculture, yet when your luck is sour or the winds blow foul, can be scalding and acidic, eating away at anything left unsheltered.

The clouds constantly shift in colour, from a bright yellow that lights up your fragment making everything gleam, to somber crimsons that seem to suck the light from the world. In fact the glowing clouds above you are the only source of light in this world, and so here day and night is a product of meteorology, not astronomy.

Recent advances have revealed more about the storms, and that they are the source of energy and disorder. Man has known for millennia the destructive power of the storms, but it is only recently that he has been able to control it. These “stormtouched” have the power to control the storms, targeting its destructive power, and can learn to read the storms to predict the weather and in some cases possible future events.

With the advancement of such techniques, technological development has led to devices slowly becoming more common across the Broken World which can channel energy from the storms and use it to power machinery and mechanical systems.

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