Ritz "Trigger" Herald - Daniyel G


Captain Ritz 'Trigger' Herald is an officer in the Union Legion. She is known to come from a prominent military family, and is more widely known as having invented the so-called 'trigger' system for Union cannons that was never put into full production for military use. She was thought lost (MIA) when she disappeared in battle years ago, and was assumed KIA. Secretly, she has been doing experiments with her own designs for offensive short-range aircraft with wide-ranging military applications. Under various circumstances, she will be returning to the Union Legion shortly.


“tried to break the speed of Storm. Stupid woman.”

“bravest pilot the New World ever saw - most of the outlying fragments which became joined to the steel structure were found by pilots under the command of Captain Herald”

“They found the charred body but it was unrecognisable - I don't believe it was Herald”

“punched a man in the face once for all those 'Trigger' jokes - haven't heard the nickname used since”

“she taught my daughter how to fly - kept wandering around the lecture hall straightening students' pens on the desk”

“I hear they're going to put a statue of her in front of the old Union government buildings”

“do you think she really died? I don't know - some say her energy was converted to pure Storm in that last flight”

“probably for the best - she got increasingly erratic in her later years - they had to make her stop teaching in the end”

“absolute nutcase”

“probably responsible for more exploration than anyone else in the world”

“Went faster than the speed of Storm - you don't come back from that.”

Clan: Department S

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