General Kopeck Deepcut - Ivan F

General Deepcut is a senior officer of the Legion of Unity, though young for his rank, and apparently with considerable influence in the Union military. His scars were apparently earned in combat. He is also a Storm Mage.

Clan: Department S


Kopeck is a staunch supporter of the New World and the Glorious People's Union. He pushes for the intergration of the Union into the mega fragment

Over the next few years Kopeck has two more children (a girl and another boy). They settle down in a house with its white picket fence and with their pet tortoise (inherited from Catequil).

Lenin grows up to be much like his father and eventually join the military and settle down with a wife and children. Enki, though, is very much his mother's son, being free spirited and inconsistent. His restless nature inevitably leads him to loggerheads on more than one occassion with his father although Kopeck, is a good father and quick to forgive. He grows with a thirst for adventure, occassionally running off to explore the world and will give his parents several illegitimate grandchildren.

Kopeck always continues to worry to much about the security of the Union. Over the years he learns to spend more time with his family, however he continues to hold his position even after the age of retirment. Kopeck dies an old man, having brought the children up to be fine men and women after the untimely death of Anja. He is found slumped over his desk by Lenin, who over the years has become Grand Marshall, the General himself having decided to stay with Department S, his son over took him in position. The General was meeting his son for discusion of some worring inteligance about pirate activity on the borders.

Kopeck is found with a report, which Lenin uses to defeat a Pirate Armada that has ammased just outside GPU territory, and is planning a massive attack. Going to show even in his last hours he was striving to secure the Union. He is given a state funeral and honarary position on par with the founders by the Church of the Founders.

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