School of Wood and Leaf

Level 1

Speak to Bark


Allows you to communicate with plants, non-verbally.

Knit the Bark

Sacrifice: A needle (P), A length of thread (T), A Sapling (G), Fertile Soil (D)

Knit the Bark allows you to restore a certain ammount of damage to a plant. Will not regrow parts of the plant, but will allow two parts to fuse if held together.


Sacrifice: A bowl of fertile soil (P), A bottle of smoke (T), A fertilised egg (G), Fertile Soil (D)

Increases a plant's fertility.

Mold the Bark

Sacrifice: a mirror (P), a mask (T), a story (G), an eye (D)

Mold the Bark allows you to alter the look of a plant. It will still be the same plant, but look different. Perhaps with strangely shaped leaves or new flowers…

Commune with the Spark


Level 2

Skin to Bark

Requires Blood and Bone Level 2


You can change a creature's outer appearance to resemble plants and verdant growths. The subject's skin will sprout grass, bark, undergrowth, mushrooms or any other plant life the caster cares to inflict. He will be able to blend in seamlessly into natural surroundings.

Green Thumb


You can make a group of plants grow and stay healthy without food, water or sunlight.

Defile the Bark

Sacrifice: Salt (P), Poison (T), Insects (G), Drops of Blood (D)

Defile the Bark will damage a plant, inflicting an illness upon a plant. Will become contagious after a while. Likely to kill the plant if left untreated.



You can grow a vine with special properties. Any sound picked up by it will be relayed to all the other vines attuned to the same frequency.

Break the Hold


Break the Hold will render a Phytarin immune to the effects of being close to a queen.

Forge the Bark


You can bring down a tree and mold the wood into any number of objects (such as swords, bowls, bows, bridges, etc…) as long as the ammount of matter remains constant. This will kill the tree. Objects with moving parts cannot be made, but the parts can be made individually, and assembeled later. All the objects remain as wood.

Dim the Spark


Level 3

Call of the Queen


Allows you to command surrounding phytarin for several hours similarly to a queen. You can see through their eyes, hear through their ears and are privy to all their thoughts. They will obey you unquestioningly, even if you command them to leap from the fragment. Due to the massive ammount of stimulus you receive, the first casting will be accompanied by periods of blackouts, dizziness, nausea and nosebleeds.

Commend to Bark

Requires Blood and Bone level 4

Sacrifice: A tree (P), a blossoming flower (T), a seed (G), a stump (D)

Commend to Bark allows you to convert a creature's entire body into wood. The subject will still be able to look, act and move like it did originally. He will be immune to poisons, diseases and injuries that would ordinarily be fatal to creatures of flesh and bone.

Awaken the Spark


Control the Bark


You can control plants, directing their movements and growth. The plants will remain rooted in place but can grow at remarkable rates and twist their shapes to conform to the wishes of the caster.

Exorcise the Spark


Level 4

Bark Hybrid


With Bark hybrid you can mix the properties of two plants to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. For example, dandelions with sequoias could produce enormous weeds whose seeds can be used as parachutes.

Quell the Spark


Create the Bark


Allows you to create plants from nothing, regardless of soil condition, water, or sunlight.

Prolong the Bark


Allows you to render a mass of plants undying, making them immune to diseases and the ravages of time. Can affect anything from groves to entires forests.

Destroy the Bark


Completely destroys a group of plants. Affects a group of plants ranging in size from a small grove to an entire forest.

Level 5

Verdant Titan


All the plants on a fragment grow at a greatly increased rate, faster than they can be cut down, until they overwhelm the entire fragment.

Purge the Bark


Kills all of the plants on a fragment. Does not work on phytarin.

Muster the Bark


Muster the Bark animates all the plants on fragment, and gives you limited control over them. The plants will carry out any order that is not obviously suicidal, and will fight to the death if commanded.

Endless Season


By casting this on a fragment, all the plants on it behave as if under the effects of one of the four seasons, regardless of current climate or soil conditions.

Crush the Spark

Sacrifice: A mountain (P), a river (T), a bloodline (G), a graveyard (D)

When a spirit gets too powerful, you can no longer quell the spark. At this point, the only thing you can do if you need to stop it from doing anything is lock it deep inside a fragment. Crush the Spark can be used on any spirit, provided you can locate it. Once complete, the spirit will be locked at the centre of a fragment. The spirit can be released again simply by digging it out, but it is likely to be extremely angry. Failing this ritual can also result in very unfortunate circumstances, considering spirits generally don't like being locked up.

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