The Brewer

The Brewers maintained their breweries, and gradually as the Union became more developed, the brewers became part of the Guild. Many of the Barmen of the Guildhalls have brewer blood in their veins. Al dies at a ripe old age, after being instrumental in the setting up of union administration, happy in the knowledge everyone else is having to solve the Unions problems.

The Stormforge

Artemis after recovering from his wounds became important in the training and administration of the Union’s Stormtouched population. The Stormforge still existing in the union, like many clans its members still working hard in all areas of Union life.

The Tirrani

Augustin and Rurik left the confederacy shortly after the end of the war, and was widely rumoured that they became sky pirates. It is suggested that Augustin never shook of the personal he displayed at that fateful night in the temple, maintaining a fiery temper and harsh manner to the end of his life. The Tirrani married into the various other clans of the Confederacy, and never really recovered from their defeat at the hands of the union.

The Order of Amethyst

Auran treated the wounded of the war without favour, which is the Amethyst way. The order now travels the broken world as Healers and Doctors, given great respect by all of the factions.

The Meade Convocation

Basian was another key figure in setting up the Guilds Administration, he went on to retire and lived to a ripe old age. The Convocation remained instrumental in trade in the Union, and many of those who work in that sector today are descended from the original convocation, and Meade is still a common surname.

Brother Simon

After abandoning his clan to join the Tirrani, and after his escape from the field of battle, nothing more was heard from Brother Simon, his fate remains a mystery and is a source of many legends.

The Favanger’s

After recovering from the battle Chrysocolla was heralded for here savior of the Union, here noble sacrifice left here badly injured despite Auran’s best effort, and any physical activity left her drained. She did however compile a history of the Archipelago. This book became the corner stone of academic study in the Union, and the college of Horizons was set up shortly after her death to honor her memory. The Favanger’s became jewelry makers, and a piece dating back to shortly after the founding of the union, recently was sold for 1000 Gallons of beer.

The Morticians

Chylonaxis died at an old age, while the Morticians still maintain the cemetery of the Union, a number were important in setting up the ferryman organization.

The People of the Flesh

Coskun remained loyal to his master the Exalted One, who was intrigued by the Union’s offer to travel the broken world bringing new clans to the Union. The Union although appreciative of what they had done in the war, were never particularly comfortable with the exalted ones army of Undead. Coskun and the people of the Flesh left in the city fragment, and that is the last of what is know, until the cities return, the Exalted one now styling himself the King of Bone.


With Derrick Greymist fleeing the Archipelago, O’Sheas became an important force in the Confederacy. Derrick rose to the head of his family, and died with his family around him.


The Earthborne having already established themselves at the heart of the Confederacy maintained their position until the present day. From somewhere King Lemur, an ancient god in Earthborne religion rose to lead them, and has lived for the 80 years since the war.

Traders Renaisse

The traders became an important Trade organisation, not confining themselves to a single faction; they travel the broken world trading in many exotic goods. They maintain trade houses in each of the factions, where the network can be contacted. The traders were the only group which had contact with the city in its long absence, and it is probably for this reason the city uses the paradise feather, the preferred currency of the traders. It is rumoured the traders are in close contact with the Kar’Baldi.

Clan Varuja

Laveer went on to be a great adventurer, who’s adventures are still being told to this day, and have been published in a book. The greatest tale is also Laveer’s last. A rouge geomancer was planning to cause a fragment that was home to 4 clans, to crumble to dust was thwarted by Laveer, Laveer dodging the rocks the geomancer flew at him at incredibly high speeds, Laveer engaged him in combat, the geomancer on a smaller drove it into the mists, never to be seen again. Clan Varuja still exists in the union, like many clans its members still working hard in all areas of Union life.

Bygone Family

After the War Timothy and Pennington eventually got married however shortly after the wedding, he went to the top of a malfunctioning semaphore tower falling to his death, inspection of the tower after the event shows it had been rigged to break, but the culprit could never be found. The Bygone family stuck with the Union and worked to develop some of the technologies in use there today, with the aid of Timothy's designs.


With the premature death of her husband, much of Pennington’s life and vigor left her. She became almost hypnotized, shuffling around her workshop, however still creating new things. The Conoscenza also stuck with the Union.

The Whillikers Foundation

The Whillikers foundation fled the Union, to join the fragment stack. Using Geomancy the Whillikers brought their fragment with them to the stack. Shortly after the War a traveling merchant came to their settlement to find they were all dead. The merchant swore he saw a group of hideous abominations going into the trees, looking like deformed humanoids with wings. The bodies of the clan were partly eaten, with big bites taken out of them.

The Sedlak

Raijin Sedlak married into the Knights of Unity, and it is this marriage which would shape the Union’s armed forces. The influence of the Sedlak’s took the very righteous edge of the Knights of Union, becoming much more like a standing army, Raijin had many children and died a happy farther, many of his decedents went on to be great generals in the Legion Unites.

The Corvidae

Shortly after the war the Corvidae left for the Confederacy, as the union gained power, the Corvidae were at the centre of many investigations. They appeared to be number one on the Union hitlist, not least because Amenophis was the chief suspect in the attack on stronghold. Leaving the archipelago they moved to the stack where they quickly became very important. The Corvidae were the main force which made the Hareppi acceptable to the Earthborne leadership.

Cyrus the Wanderer

In the victory celebrations of the war, Cyrus was preparing for his greatest ever performance, however when he was due to perform he was no where to be found. On investigation of his dressing room he was found dead. He was covered in small bite marks, associated with some sort of exceptionally large rodent. However it is established that these bites were not the cause of death, this could not be suitably determined. People suggested it was due to some sort of magic, and from this point on people trained themselves in identifying magic at work as well as specific rituals. The Red Knifes mostly married into the clans beginning to form the legion Unites.

Lost Alice’s Children

The former swamp of lost Alice is a no go area, it is reportedly haunted with the ghosts of children who died in lost Alice’s care. Many of the children left the swamp after the war to join the Gogol’s.

The Milliners

With the effectiveness of Vespers ‘pets’ in the war, the Union set up a ‘bio’weapons division in the Legion Unites. The Milliners themselves split, some Vesper among them travelled away with clan Morlock establishing the fallen. The others stayed, however were quickly over run by Kitties. This creature replicates extremely fast, and spread across the milliner fragment until it was overwhelmed, the amount of life created on that fragment caused it to sink back to the mists. The various milliners were forced to join other clans, and slowly their culture faded. Kitties are still around, indeed they are the colonies biggest pest, somehow managing to travel between colonies, and harsh measures are in place to keep their numbers down.

The Knights of Unity

After the war Lukas began to act even weirder, he would have massive mood swing between his two personalities, that of Lukas as many had known him, and that of a Lukas much more like Justinian, both personalities drove forward the setting up of the Legion Unites, but where one Lukas saw the knights as part of the Union, the other saw the union as his new empire. This constant battle drove Lukas mad, and he died very young. The crown which he had not taken off since he put it on in the temple meeting before the war was moved to the Legion Headquarters, where it is on display to this day, as a relic of the founders.

The Gogol’s

Although the Gogol’s didn’t fight directly against the Union in the war, they left the archipelago shortly after the war. With the pressure being put on clans to join the Union, the Gogol’s who wanted to retain their independence decided to leave. In the Confederacy the Gogol’s thrived. The Firewater which the Gogol’s produce is by far the most common drink in the Confederacy, much more popular and cheaper than the substandard confederacy beer. They also maintain a number of casino’s around the confederacy lands. Katalin spent the rest of her days exploring and scavenging useful items.

The Society of Moloch

The Society moved to the city fragment shortly after the war, when it became time to send the city fragment off, the Molochians remained, no one knows what happened to overseer Sixus, as there is no recorded history of the events which created the new order in the city.


Augustin and Rurik left the confederacy shortly after the end of the war, and was widely rumoured that they became sky pirates. Rumour has it Rurik became incredibly rich creating a pirate court and a pirate fleet to further his influence across the broken world.

The Spequorii

The Spequorii were badly hit for their treachery, there settlements were levelled, and many of their troops were killed in the counter attack. A few escaped to the Confederacy where they are now a very minor clan. In the Union, the spequorii bunker was heavily protected, and the Union could not gain access, it was eventually forgotten about and ended up buried. But there are rumours in all the colonies of a secret guild of Masons, and in this bunker are contained a great many secrets.

Clan Morlock

Vlad and Clan Morlock left the Union shortly after its founding; they were the key component in the founding of the Fallen. It is widely rumoured Vlad was the first person to reach Post Humanity. On a side note the Morlockian fragment was the site of the only major Union engagement after the war. A ‘clan’ of what appeared to be large, fire breathing, flying, reptilian creatures, they started attacking the neighbouring clans, and the Union stepped in to wipe out this new creature.

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