School of Blood and Bone

Level 1

Knit the Flesh

Essentially, an improved version of Cauterising, Knit the Flesh allows you to heal wounds on any animal or person. Upon completing the ritual, the wound will close, leaving no scar. Can be used to set bones, but a period of convalescence is still recommended. Please consult your physician if the condition persists for more than six hours.


Fertility is used to increase the chances of a succesful pregnancy.

Mold the Flesh

Mold the Flesh allows you to alter your facial features. Your bone structure remains the same, and you will be recognizeable if scrutinized, but will generally look like someone different to those who are not paying much attention.

Commune with the Spark

Allows you to communicate directly with a creature's spirit, enabling you to extract information from it. The spirit may require something in exchange.

Level 2

Skin to Bark

Requires Wood and Leaf Level 2

You can change a creature's outer appearance to resemble plants and verdant growths. The subject's skin will sprout grass, bark, undergrowth, mushrooms or any other plant life the caster cares to inflict. He will be able to blend in seamlessly into natural surroundings.

Cleanse the Flesh

Cleanse the Flesh alows you to remove all illness and poison from a person or animal. It will not heal damage caused.

Defile the Flesh

Defile the Flesh will inflict an illness upon a creature, with a range of random symptoms. Might be fatal if left untreated.

Sharpen the Senses

Sharpen the Senses allows to increase your senses to superhuman levels. Your eyes can pick up tiny details, you can smell well enough to track by scent alone, etc…

Dim the Spark

Allows you to quash something's spirit, preventing spirit magic from affecting it for some time.

Levels 3 and higher

Find out in play…

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