School of Soil and Stone

Level 1

Seal the Stone


Hardens the stone or soil around somethiong buried, making it harder to dig it up.

Purify the Stone


Allows you to extract a mineral from its ore.

Nurse the Earth

Sacrifice: Honey (P), Ripe Fruit (T), Seeds (G), Decaying Plants (D)

Nurse the Earth allows you to make a patch of land more fertile, boosting its yield of crops for some time.

Salt the Earth

Sacrifice: Salt (P), Water (T), Seeds (G), An Uprooted Plant (D)

Salt the Earth allows you to render a patch of land infertile and unfit to be used for farming for some time. It will not kill the current crop.

Commune with the Spark


Level 2



Allows you to create a spring of water welling up from an opening in stone (a crack, a drilled hole, etc…). Water will continue to flow until impeded or the stone from which it wells is damaged in some way.

Impossible Alloy


By combining two materials, you can create an entirely new one that has properties of both. For example, mixing steel and paper can grant you sheets of very light, very hard material. By combining wood and iron, you can make a metal as hard as iron that burns like wood.

Travel through the Stone


By burying yourself in earth or stone, you are able to transport yourself to another location,

Raise the Stone


Extracts a mineral from a vein of unmined ore, litterally drawing it out of the earth.

Defile the Earth

Sacrifice: Salt (P), Poison (T), Insects (G), Drops of Blood (D)

An improved version of Salt the Earth, Defile the Earth will not only render a patch of land unfarmable for some time, it will also kill the current crop.

Heal the Soil


Cure a patch of land of a nonmagical affliction.

Dim the Spark


Level 3

Transmute the Stone

Converts one material into another. Only works on stones, ores, metals and minerals.

Mold the Earth

Changes the basic properties of a volume of stone or soil, making it lighter, softer, denser, etc…

Cast in the Name of God

You harden an object to beyond what is possible by mundane means, to the point where it is unbreakable under any normal conditions. Blades will never dull, chains will never break, armor will never be piereced.

Commend to Stone

Requires Blood and Bone level 4

Commend to Stone allows you to convert a creature's entire body into stone. The subject will still be able to look, act and move like it did originally. He will be immune to poisons, diseases and injuries that would ordinarily be fatal to creatures of flesh and bone.

Awaken the Spark

You can call forth the spirit of a mineral, and cause it to become sentient.

Consume the Spark (1)

Allows you to incorporate into yourself a relatively minor spirit.

Shape the Earth

Shape the Earth allows you to mold rock, soil, mud or sand into whatever shape you desire. The ammount of matter you can manipulate this way is roughly the volume of a large barn.

Level 4


Creates an animated, loyal, mindless golem out of the material of your choice.

Raise the Stone

Allows you to raise walls from the ground, as one seamless continuous whole.

Part the Stone

Separates a fragment in two along a straight line of your choosing.

Fuse the Stone

Joins two inanimate objects together, such that when the ritual is complete they appear to never have been separated. Can affect objects in size ranging from grains of sand to entire fragments.

More Powerful Versions of Lower Level Rituals


Level 5

Plague the Stone

Plague the Stone affects an entire fragment, sickening it completely. Ores mined are useless, plants sicken and die, rivers become fouled and foundations crumble.

Stone Titan

By tapping into the most primal spirits inside a fragment, you are able to create a giant made of stone. Vaguely humanoid in shape, the Titan is the size of a large hill, utterly midless, and completely under the casters control, following any commands to the letter.

Crush the Spark

When a spirit gets too powerful, you can no longer quell the spark. At this point, the only thing you can do if you need to stop it from doing anything is lock it deep inside a fragment. Crush the Spark can be used on any spirit, provided you can locate it. Once complete, the spirit will be locked at the centre of a fragment. The spirit can be released again simply by digging it out, but it is likely to be extremely angry. Failing this ritual can also result in very unfortunate circumstances, considering spirits generally don't like being locked up.

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