Together, Bergholt, Aoishe and Takhai remove Harkon's body from the Academy crypts and, accompanied by a small guard of knights, transport it over to Stormwatch. There, where they have set up a basic laboratory, they work on rebuilding and repairing the body. With Aoishe's skill in Natural Studies, she is able to patch up some of the damage, and identify which parts of the body will require further attention. As she works, she begins to weave a spell of Passion magic, to attempt to bind the essence of Harkon to the body. Bergholt assists, and creates mechanical clockwork organs to replace those that were damaged beyond repair in the duel and events leading up to it.

Eventually, they are done. Or at least, as done as they can be. With the right spark of life, it seems as though the body could support somebody living in it. Aoishe takes a moment to finish her Passion spell, and the body is ready to once more be animated. This is where Takhai comes in; a large metal spire is crafted and mounted atop the tallest tower of Stormwatch. This shall act to channel the energies of the storms to the body, where they will hopefully bring it back to life. The spire is in two parts, and a lever is linked to it, designed to pull the two parts together to complete the channel from the storms to the body. To aid the flow of storm energy, Bergholt calls forth the storm charge within him and channels it into the metal spire, imbuing it with lightning and making storm energy flow through it far more easily.

At last all preparations are complete. The trio stand well back from the body and Bergholt stands by the lever that will activate the metal spire. As if on cue storms outside build and there is a rumbling as lightning begins to strike the fortress. The time has come, and Bergholt pulls the lever. There is a moment's pause, before huge amounts of lightning surges down the spire, into the laboratory and into the body of Harkon. For a moment, a bright burst of light blinds all in the room, which gradually dies down, leaving the glow of crackles of storm energy grounding themselves around the room. There is a strong metallic taste to the air.

Harkon awakens.

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