The Read Right Hand

Pronounced Red Right Hand, it's a mechanical tome in the shape of a human right hand. Contains instructions on achieving posthumanity. Fits like a mechanical glove over a normal person's hand but needs to be screwed into place before it can be opened. It still contains it's previous user's hand.

Currently in the Vaults of the College of Horizons after it was bought from some pirates.

The Left Hand of God

A left hand that looks necrotic and partially mummified. Missing a thumb. Requires that the user's left hand be removed and then this hand pressed against the stump. Used to force open the portal.

Currently on the wrist of the King of Bone's younger brother.

The Green Thumb

A thumb made of leaves, designed to fit into the Left Hand of God. Used to guide the opening of the portal.

Currently held by Xerophon.

The Eyes of Insight

A pair of Orisons that can serve as eyes (with appropriate surgery). One is black and the other is white. They are used to see the way to the portal, and it's edge so that it can be opened. They also allow their user to see spirit flows.

One is the Eye of Dolos, in the Orrerry.

The other is in the Spirit of Rats running rampant through the City.

The Song of Ages

A poem that serves to maintain the user's sanity as he ventures further and further away from the Broken World. Made up of six lines that sound different to every listener, and almost unpronouceable.

The Song of Ages is carved into a monolith constantly shifting through the Dreamscape.

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