Emotion Totems


The traditional strawman-in-a-field is the most universal use of concept magic, but only one use of this formula. The target of this totem will find its presence innately intimidating. Unless they know what to look for they won't be able to put their finger on why, and might mistake their fear of the totem for the fear of its bearer, or the holy temple it has been placed in.

Certainly, facing your enemies wearing one of these will give you an edge over them.

Patcin Charm

Everybody needs somebody to love, and everyone loves a Patcin charm! This totem is crafted with a particular person in mind, and once complete will be innately attractive to them.

Note that it is the totem that is attractive, though the target wont be immediately aware of that. Hung above your door, it would encourage the person to pay you a visit. Worn on your person, and the target may mistake the attraction for you. If the totem were part of a gift, then its appreciation is assured.

Hero Pin

The concept of a hero is universal, and deep rooted in the human heart. This formula creates a totem imbued with the concept of 'the hero'. The effect will be subtle and may be erratic, but the target will begin to embody that concept as long as he wears this totem. In some situations, this change of attitude could give the target an edge. In others, it might act against them.

The precise concept imbued varies with the crafter, depending on what they consider to be a hero. Some may conceive a warrior who knows no fear, while others hold more worth to a master fieldsman, prepared to work himself to the bone for his crop. With this formula, the crafter can only imbue the totem with what they considers to be a hero, defined when the formula is first used.

Periapt of Sedation

This totem is commonly used to aide the sick. While constructing this totem, the crafter focuses on a simple emotional concept such as 'fury', 'anxiety', or 'pain'. Once complete, the totem acts as a net for that emotion, subduing it in the target. While there is no physical effect, a mind freed from pain heals faster. Like a crutch for an injured limb, a Periapt can give an injured mind chance to heal.

Before the totem will take effect, it needs to be touched to the target.

Curl of Pain

Traditionally a doll, traditionally activated with pins. This totem can be used to torture somebody with phantom pains. As with all totems, the person will be aware that the source of their suffering is supernatural, though that doesn't give them much of a clue where or what to look for.

For starting characters, this totem may be used to inflict a sudden burst of pain on someone from a great distance. You don't need to see the person, but it may be necessary if there is a crucial moment they need to be distracted at. Used effectively this will cause the target a minor penalty once per turn.

Death Totems


The traditional chiseled epitaph is the most universal use of spirit magic, but only one use of this formula. A gravestone totem draws a spirit to a particular place, encouraging it to 'haunt' the totem. Some ghosts may be powerful enough to ignore the attraction of this totem, but it will certainly distract them from their usual haunts.

Ghostburn Lantern

A simple totem designed to imprison or suppress a troublesome spirit. The targeted spirit will be less able to impact the living world and, if the totem remains active for long enough, begin to fade away. Crafting such totems can be dangerous however, as before they take effect they need to be brought into the presence of a ghost, generally resulting in an unfavorable response.

Bell of Summons

This totem permits an insight into the target spirit. Through this you can safely learn more about a spirit, how to deal with it or manipulate it to your own ends. Apprentice level totems permit you only an impression of the ghost summoned, though you have heard of higher level crafters make statues or portraits through which the spirit actually speaks.

A Bell of Summons is essential for more intricate manipulations of a spirit, and linked to other totems for this purpose.


This totem requires a Bell of Summons to function, and targets a living person or group. Through this totem the ghost is compelled to protect that target. The way a ghost guards varies with the nature of the spirit channeled, and some are more suited to this task than others. A warrior ghost may inspire its charge to fight better, while a more priestly spirit may help the charge keep a cool head in a crisis. It has been known for a ghost to even physically attack a threat.

Death Mark

This totem requires a Bell of Summons to function, and targets a living person or group. Through this totem the ghost is commanded to bring harm to the target. Naturally, the more tormented the ghost, the more effectively it will pursue its task. What harm the ghost brings on its target can vary wildly. At the very least it will haunt the target's dreams or addle their mind. The vengeance can be much more… peculiar however.

Starting Fate Totems

Lucky Horseshoe

The traditional horseshoe-over-a-door is the most universal use of fate magic, but only one use of this formula. The target of this totem will, in the broadest sense, be lucky. The exact effect is entirely unpredictable, though eventually any recipient will attest to it. The luck could save your life, or result in a particularly tasty dinner one night (OOC: You will be lucky somehow, once per turn).

The only way that a lucky horseshoe is predictable is that it will never work if the person is relying on it.

Silver Spoon

This must be presented to the recipient on their birthday. If they accept it, they receive a blessing crafted into the item.

The words of the blessing are up to you, but must be honestly intended. The blessing will manifest three times, generally when needed, after which the totem is powerless. A more generally worded blessing is more potent, as fate has a habit of twisting blessings unexpectedly. A blessing of health, wealth and happiness is a typical safe favorite.

Pickled Curse

While crafting the totem, you concentrate on a fate you wish to befall your victim as long as the totem is intact, fate will work to bring your curse to fruition. By its nature, this totem is very imprecise. It may take years to materialize, or not happen quite how you intended. 'May you be cut with knives' could result in a nick while shaving. 'May your eyes be plucked out' may only happen when a raven finds the corpse a decade later.

Rest assured, eventually the curse will hit, and hit up to three times. A carefully chosen curse can encourage things along, as will a less ambitious curse. For example, 'may your footing slip' would be working with the universe if the target were a mountain climber.

Strike True

This totem must be crafted into a weapon of some sort. When wielded against the attuned target its effect can be rather unnerving. It will seem to naturally find gaps in their armor. It will pierce deeper, fly farther, or hit harder. Stories tell of wielders, clearly outmatched, tripping over a root and accidentally executing their foe.

As with all totems, it is only effective against the specified target. Against any other foe, the weapon is perfectly ordinary.

Red String

Unlike most totems, this has two targets, and ties their fortunes together. In some way, the two people will become important to each other. An enmity might grow between them, or a love. It could mean that one will happen upon the solution to the other's problem, or it could mean that they just keep on bumping into each other.

Before Red String is effective, both targets must have touched the totem.

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