Passion Magic

Many people created there own Formula's for passion magic, this is a summary of what people came up with.

Emperor's Earring

This totem can work alone, but requires a Bell of Summons for serious work. Supposedly it is named after an ancient king's advisor, who learnt how to whisper in his ear even after he passed away. By crafting the charm you can warp the aspects of a ghost slightly, directing its 'attention' or changing its 'opinion'. The greater the totem, the more pronounced the shift, but too contrary a shift can destroy the ghost outright.


War and death are mastered by those who master their emotions, and those who revel in them. This totem kickstarts an emotional cocktail of excitement, fear, anger, determination and ruthlessness whenever the target would feel them naturally. Essentially the target quickly hits a battle high and adrenaline rush whenever excited enhancing their combat prowess.

This is a double edged totem, that can help in the heat of battle, but equally cause problems in more socially 'exciting' situations. A warlock can trivially 'tune' the totem to enhance or combat this negative effect, and can as always trivially switch the relic off.


Similar in effect to a Patcin charm, but using a feedback look to make the target love themselves more. The resulting self confidence and optimism translates into an honest charisma that promotes a different Greek Love in others.

The subtle nature of this totem makes the influence on others totally natural, and very difficult to detect as passion magic. However, powerful Makeover charms can make a person too narcissistic or overconfident.

Luck Leech

This would resemble Red String in that it would link two people, but would do so in a specific and asymmetric way. In essence it would suck the good luck out of the life of one person and give it to the other. It would be funniest of course if this occasionally meant fate contrives to make good things that should have happened to Target A in fact happen to Target B, and bad things that should have happened to Target B somehow manage to happen to Target A. Such incidents are likely to make Target A fairly suspicious fairly quickly, however - particularly after the third time they've stepped through a random door and managed to take a bullet heading for Target B's solar plexus.

Ties That Bind

The limitations of Red String are obvious to me now. Too unspecific, too limited. What I want is to be able to tie many people together, each becoming part of a whole which is better, stronger, tougher. In short it will grant the people targetted by it (and it specifically targets a group of people) advantages to those actions which require them to work together towards some goal.

Freedom Broach

This broach marks the target as free willed, and protected from the strings of fate. While active it wards the target against other relics that might affect their fate for better or worse. It effectively counts as an edge opposing the other relic. If there is more than one relic for it to oppose, the results are unpredictable.

Wind Chime

This simple music of this charm marks the target as pure, and protected from the influence of spiritual presences. While active, it wards the target against other relics that might focus a spirit on the target. It effectively counts as an edge opposing the other relic. If there is more than one relic for it to oppose, the results are unpredictable.

Tweaking the Tapestry

This Formula alert the caster to a time and place when there is going to be an important twist of fate affecting the Charcter. The relic will guide the caster to be at the right place at the right time, to help or hinder the event.

Fair Wind Weathervane

This relic usually targets a specific area of land, though it can also be tied to a person. The target recieves the best (or worst) of any weather they are experiencing. A field could recieve just the right amount of rainfall. An explorer may naturally avoid the worst brunt of a storm. Alternatively, an army may find their men always drudging through fog and mud.

This relic is well known for being fully effective for large areas of farmland.

Other Unresearched Formulas


(kind of Pickled Curse in reverse - instead of the world disrupting a person's life, the person's life disrupts the world) The target affects their environment. A lot. Sometimes for good, sometimes for ill, but they effect it, disrupt it, change it. Everything they do is fateful. Little inconsequential actions have effects that snowball out of control in ways that would make Chaos butterflies go home to sulk.

Bodyguard Pact

Two people are linked in such a way that Fate will try to contrive that each will be on hand if the other needs them.

Responsive Curse

Is it possible to design a token with a 'hanging curse' so that if the target is wronged in a particular way the culprit is hit by the curse? For example “let anyone who steals from me suffer hideous gout until they give whatever it is back” kind of thing. Or “if anybody hurts target X their eyebrows fall off.” Or more generally “if anyone does anything bad to target Y something equivalent happens to them.”

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