The Order and Truth of the Order of Truth

The Order of Truth began as a lie by Saul Mope in a misguided attempt to prevent war and was quickly latched onto and grew into a complicated web of plots, secrets and lies. This is a timeline created to help explain everything that actually happened, and the truth to it all.

  1. Saul wants to try to stop the war (and get an interesting story at the end). He finds a couple of names of people currently suspected of corruption (Artemis Guyver, Ben Sheldon) within the Union and crafts a story, pushing their memories back and making them think it is true. To make it more convincing, he does the same to a couple of friends, one in the Fallen (Saleth Hadran) and the other from an unspecified location. They are made to think they must communicate with one named “The Keeper”, but given an address for this within the Fallen which is unpopulated.
  2. Oleg gives Evelyn a list of potentially corrupt individuals, including Guyver and Sheldon. To this list he has added the name of Magda Contantia, who was tracking him, to try to get rid of her.
  3. Saul drops hints about the Order at the temple session, and then gives Evelyn the names of the people he has affected, which happen to be on her corruption list. He gives her a series of forged letters, including many under the name Alan Serell, a person who doesn't exist, to throw off investigations somewhat, planting more fake evidence in an empty office. To make it more urgent, he tells her that his life may be in danger.
  4. Those on the corruption list are investigated. Guyver and Sheldon appear to be involved with the Order because of their altered memories. No evidence is found suggesting corruption by Contantia.
  5. Investigations of the order uncover the planted evidence regarding Serell, and Hadran in the Fallen, making the whole thing seem more wide-spread than it really is.
  6. Messages for The Keeper arrive at the postal system. Although intended to just appear to those watching Guyver, Sheldon and Hadran as attempts at communication to back up the story, the newly-installed self-aware sorting machine sees that they are addressed to an unpopulated area and thinks that they are erroneous. Not wanting peoples' letters to go unanswered, it does so for them, taking on the role of The Keeper itself.
  7. Saul Mope is attacked by the unnamed friend just as planned, to make it seem more like his life is in fact under threat.
  8. Atticus captures the said friend, but she doesn't remember anything whilst in this state.
  9. Following Evelyn's investigations, Craddock arrests Guyver and Sheldon. They seem to be involved in the Order but know nothing more of it than what they've been programmed with.
  10. His previous attempt proving unfruitful, Oleg plans evidence implicating Contantia in the Order, also trying to hint that Segue Tyr may also be involved.
  11. Evelyn finds this evidence along with nothing at the supposed address of The Keeper and is confused.
  12. Orellius gathers mist mages for a large ritual to make those related to the mists worship the Orrery and the presence in the mists within. He lies about this being to identify members of the Order, and following the ritual implicates “the Union spymaster”, Kalanar and an unidentified mist mage in the Confederacy, who supposedly stopped the ritual.
  13. Chaos yells something about his NPC plots and “not crossing the streams”.
  14. Craddock investigates the spending of Guyver and Sheldon, finding that they had been spending their corruption money on mundane things.
  15. Evelyn and Craddock investigate the Arch Lector, determining that he is not involved in the Order. Evelyn investigates herself, also determining that she is not involved, and almost conclusively identifying the sorting machine as the origin of the letters from The Keeper.
  16. Oleg investigates the Arch Lector, also determining that he is not involved in the Order.
  17. War happens anyway.
  18. Saul admits that he made the whole thing up at the temple. He agrees to reverse what he did with the mists, removing the false memories and unsuppressing the real ones. To make up for things, he agrees to help Evelyn with investigations to fill in the gaps and explain everything not related to him.
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