The Maali, the cursed ones. Once the proudest civilisation of the broken worlds were the masters of rune magic it catered for their every whim. From great factories capable of crumbling entire small fragments to gather the natural resources, to voidcopters for traversing the space between fragments.


Before the testament came the Maali were a race divided on the nature of the faith, the Harlima and the Cartona. They had the situation where they shared many of the same religious texts, written in runes far from the tongue and script of the race in general, however there were two ways of translating the runes evolved, which gave vastly different messages on the nature of the faith. These differences are lost to the ages. For years the two had existed equally with no open hostility. Then the Harlima discovered testament, or rather how to use it. Overnight this previously useless substance became the life blood of a society


This was the period of time from the discovery of Rune magic to the Fall. The Harlima found that the holy runes had power when written in testament. The affect of the runes trying in with their translation of the script. The Cartona died out overnight. The Harlima saw testament as gods paper, by writing in “his” language on it they could alter his creation. Whether this was true, or they were changing the “programming” of the universe the words they wrote had power. The power to manipulate the universe, using the rune magic to glue fragments together they created Alin, a home fragment, the Hub of the empire. From here a fragment spanning empire developed, marching armies of Rune golems pushed back the borders in unstoppable waves crushing all that would oppose them. Their hunger for testament was incurable, they ripped it from every fragment they encountered, what had once been relatively plentiful became scarce, the empire wobbled. But wait; if they could alter the nature of things, could they not create testament using their magic?

The Fall

As the empire saw the source of its power running out, the Emperor put pressure on the Harlima Priests to provide results, the power to create testament. But the runes were hard to find; whereas much of the power they had came from relatively common script, trawling the scripts they could find no reference to the spherical oily substance and could not find the runes that translated to “testament”. It was at this time that the tomes of the Cartona were opened, whose faith had become heretical ever since testament had been shown to work. People saw it as a corruption of the word of God. These tomes made no sense before to the Harlima, as they contained new runes they had no translation before, but with experience the Harlima were able to translate them, they turned out to be books of prophecy, covering events since the discovery of testament. On the last page of a particularly battered tome was a phrase, “they shall see the truth to their magic with what they call TESTAMENT.” The only time the word is mentioned in the whole of the script. The scribes rushed to the nearest stash of testament, and wrote “TESTAMENT” in the holy script, and they fell. Their creations crumbled, Alin broke apart and the Maali lost their intelligence, creating the race known today.

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