On the rare occasion one fragment passes over another, looking up you would see settlements set into the underside of the fragments; terraces and cloisters cut into the rock and ancient gantries hanging down. The whole setup seems ramshackle, but this gives an insight into the race’s history. Long ago the Kar’Baldi, resembling scaly humanoids, lived topside of the fragment, but they were hounded by the Hareppi. After years of fighting between the two races the Kar’Baldi were on the brink of extinction, as they were unable to reach the Hareppi breading fragments, while the enemy could conduct raids, snatching up the children and women, and dropping them into the mists. The Kar’Baldi leaders started looking for a way out of the war. They needed a way to hide from the Hareppi and to regroup their strength. Lowering miners down the side of fragments, cutting way stations in the side of the fragments they approached the base where they started to widen natural caves near the base of the fragments.

Then the exodus began. Lowering themselves down by a series of lifts the whole race migrated to their new home on the bottom of the fragments. Thus began the true tale of the Kar’Baldi.

For a long time life was hard, especially agriculture. Eventually however they find an intriguing plant, whose incredibly sticky seed stuck to the bottom of fragments. The ordering nature of the mists made them grow in regular patterns into a kind of organic stalactite. Harvesting them in the early years were difficult; out of holes dug through the base the best climbers would crawl out onto the underside of the fragment, with crude ropes tied around their waists, and snap them off, collecting them in bags hung over their backs. Later they developed gantries that hung below the fragments, made from stalactites allowed to grow to the size of trees before harvesting. Now they could walk below the fields, with cutting tools on long poles that could be used to cut the stalactites from the fragment face.

However no living thing is supposed to live this close to the mists. It mutated them, and changed their minds; they started to develop telepathy, and eventually ceased making physical sounds. Their hands and feet changed; no longer do they have fingers, but claws that allow them to grip the underside of the fragments. It also drove them mad, but inhumanly calculating; they were instilled with a single driving purpose, to return top side. Their existence became forever tied to the Mists. Those who wandered too far from them fell ill, their mids slowly unravelling.

Without a constant exposure to the mists, they sicken. First comes anxiety attacks, followed by acute paranoia. Their minds swiftly become corrupted without the influence of the mists. They start believeing that everyone is out to get them, murdering their fellows. The ones who aren't restrained claw their own throats out, bleeding to death.

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