The Four Fundamental Forces

The Pull of the Void

The pull of the void acts on all matter in the universe, accelerating it towards the mists. It is roughly equivalent to real-world gravity.

The DO WANT and DO NOT WANT Forces

The DO WANT force is responsible for matter clumping together to form objects. It holds spiritlings together to form spirits and allows for such phenomena as condensed phases of matter and magnetism. The DO WANT force also acts in partial opposition to the Pull of the Void, allowing fragments to float.

The DO NOT WANT force is responsible for pushing all matter away for each other. it is responsible for breaking up matter (such as when a liquid is boiled) and is also responsible for magnetism. The DO NOT WANT force reinforces the Pull of the Void.

The Angsty Force

The Angsty force pulls emotional energy towards locations, making places charged with certain feelings. It also binds ghosts to certain places.

The Bacon Force

Mmm, Bacon.

Whys and Wherefores

Spirit Spin

All spirits have an intrinsic spin angular momentum of J = ±1. Spirits that spin with J = +1 generate constant DO WANT force, thereby holding things together and allowing fragments to float. Spirits that spin with with J = -1 generate DO NOT WANT force, pulling things appart or down towards the mists. Most objects are composed of an equal number of spiritlings spinning in either direction, and are hence affected pretty much only by the Pull of the Void. Only when the number of +1 Spin Spiritlings becomes great enough do they counter the Pull of the Void, explaining why only things as massive as fragments are not sucked down to the Mists.

Life and Spin

Spirits of living things are automatically spin +1. Every time new life is created, it removes a +1 Spin spirit from the closest fragment. When things die, the +1 Spin spirit is allowed to return to the fragment, unless it becomes trapped by the Angsty Force. Therefore, if new life keeps appearing on a fragment, but nothing dies there, or it is so charged with angsty force that the spirits cannot return to the fragment, it will eventually lose all of its +1 Spin spirits and succumb to the Pull of the Void. Fragments from which people leave, are used as a birthing ground by birds or are covered in trees that send out spores will fall to the Mists quickly.


S C F A L Wr Cu Ba
Sp Sf W St Fl Br Li Aw
An Fe Emo Elements Sh V F T L Pa
Symbol Name
M Mist
S Storm
Sp Spirits
An Angst
C Clouds
Sf Stuff
Fe Fear
N Nothing
F Fire
A Acid
L Lightning
Wr Water
Cu Custard
Ba Bacon
W Wood
St Stone
Fl Flesh
Br Beer
Li Life
Aw Awesome
Sh Self-Harm
V Voodoo
F Fetish
T Trust
L Luck
Pa Pain
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