Into the Future

Over time things seem to settle down. But 15 years into the future there is a terrorist attack on the Headquarters of the Closed Council. Very quickly a team is put together to investigate. Although the position of Arch Lector the Union Spymaster has long been abolished, it is widely rumored that Evelyn Minver has taken on the Job, as the position of Guildmaster has passed to Oleg Slavo. Quickly it is found a rouge Phytarinn group is responsible for the attack, under the influence of a new Queen. Forces are quickly dispatched, and the threat dealt with.

However in the wake of the attack, new pressure is put forward to reform the form of the Union leadership. Over the years cooperation between the GPC and the Union has continued, the two groups both integrated into the new world fragment which has continued to grow. It is deemed time for the pair to join formally, and the Glorious People’s Union is set up. The new GPU is a completely democratic organization; although everyone expects Evelyn Minver to succeed to the office of President, she instead withdraws from the forefront of politics, apparently having had her fill and wanting to let new blood in. Instead, she uses her influence to ensure that the GPU will be run by a council of representatives from all sections of the GPU, whether that be military, academic, religious or magical. In this endeavour she is supported by her old childhood friend, Kopeck Deepcut.

With the combination of the two colonies, a number of new institutions have been set up. With the continued expansion of the New world fragment, the population of the colonies has rapidly grown, new sets of academies are set up, not only to train an increased number of Storm and Mist mages, but also for Shaman and Warlocks to hone their skills. The Testament and Writer Regulatory Board is set up to control the use of Runes which has shown to be a powerful resources and any who show ability with such things are closely observed. The PUB (People’s Union Bottlecap) is also established as the official currency of the GPU.

The City remains independent for a short amount of time longer, becoming the home of entertainment and capitalism; it becomes ironically stable, like Switzerland but more fun. But with continued expansion of the New World Fragment Roderick Alonso governor of the City of Lights and Trystan Ashborne King of Ash, see it is in their best interests to join with the new superfragment, maintaining close but ties with the GPU while still trying to protect their sovereignty and independance. Roderick and Sarenn see that with the New World Fragment ever increasing in size, intra fragment transport has never been such a problem, running rails along the Metal Backbone of the world, a new transport system is set up.

40 years after the battle with the Storm Knights, a new threat emerges. The newly appointed Grand Marshall Lenin Deepcut after Grand Marshall Kroy retired, also the son of Kopeck Deepcut, was responsible for overseeing the war with the New Tortugan Republic. For a long time it was known as a place with a reputation for laxer morals, a thriving black market and not turning away anyone. It survived through never being explicitly linked with Piracy and having very good trade contacts. The Expansion of the New world Fragment into the Void was generally met with happiness mostly due to the effects of Catequill’s legacy, however the Tortugan Republic put up resistance.

The war raged for many years, in a bloody Stalemate, but contact was eventually reached with a small revolutionary group, led by former Confederate Loyalists, the King of Winter and Ella May Dixie, now an aging lady, surrounded by her numerous illegitimate children. In exchange for the Guarantee the GPU will allow it to remain independent the two groups joined forces, and with weapons received from the GPU, the group managed to take down the Tortugan Emperor. The pair took the joint throne and declared the war at an end. The Tortugan’s taking their fragments above the plane of the New World Fragment.

The New World Fragment continued to grow, and people were happy, the Tortugan Empire a trading hub in the sky above the GPU. That is how it remains until this day, the GPU constantly expanding at a steady pace into the Void, assimilating clans into it as it grows. It has grown so large that there are children at the centre who don’t know what it is like to look over the edge and see the swirling mist. The Storms still roll overhead crackling and giving light, and light continues. Civilization has arived. But that is another story…

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