Repairing the Confederacy

To all Geomancers across the world, the danger is clear; the Stack has been disrupted by its partial destruction, and without a great amount of work it will drift apart. To stop this, Takhai proposes a radical plan; a Geomantic Parity Conduit, a wide system of geomantic devices, spires, gyroscopes and ferry fragments designed to equal out geomantic energy throughout the Confederacy and regain its stability.

Quickly, the geomancers get to work. Helping with this project are Cavil Earthborne, mostly focussed on stabilising the Stack; Sarenn, using his knowledge to aid Cavil; Maxim, helping coordinate the various groups working the project and bringing GPR members to aid in the earthworks; and Aoishe, Hakon and Talvi, imbuing what parts of the Conduit need to conduct the Storms and managing communication betwen the different factions.

It seems that even incomplete, the conduit is having an effect. The fragments, where they were drifting about, are now somewhat stable, and settling into orbits about the Stack. Finally the Conduit is complete, and Takhai activates it. As the apparatus thrums into life, however, it seems something's gone wrong; the apparatus is generating far too much geomantic energy. Quickly Takhai activates a failsafe, to dump the excess energy into a fragments and send it flying off, saving the rest of the Confederacy. For a moment all is still, but then the GPR's main fragment shoots off.

As it rockets away it scrapes across several fragments, eventually crashing straight through a single fragment. Tragically, Catequil of the Tirthankar was conducting a survey of that particular fragment, trying to isolate the flows of energy that bind the world. Witnesses saw the GPR crash straight through the spot he was at at that moment, and he has not been seen since.

As the GPR carried on, observers could see glistening silver strands stretching from it towards a number of other fragments. These strands lengthened, took the strain and then began dragging their attached fragments behind the GPR. Soon the GPR was trailed by half a dozen fragment, its speed greatly reduced. Eventually it slowed to a halt, orbiting with its attached fragments halfway between the City and the Confederacy.

In the wake of the disaster, many have travelled to the GPR to help them rebuild. Although many of their great structures, such as the people's stadium and their library, have been levelled or mostly destroyed, their has been little loss of life thanks to swift medical intervention from the Miners of Quartz under Intaglio Deep, who quickly travelled to the GPR to treat casualties and set up hospitals.

The Confederate Stack is now in peak health, stabler than it ever was.

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