School of Blood and Bone

Level 1

Knit the Flesh

Sacrifice: A needle (P), A length of thread (T), A Sapling (G), A fistful of blood ore (D)

Essentially, an improved version of Cauterising, Knit the Flesh allows you to heal wounds on any animal or person. Upon completing the ritual, the wound will close, leaving no scar. Can be used to set bones, but a period of convalescence is still recommended. Please consult your physician if the condition persists for more than six hours.


Sacrifice: A bowl of fertile soil (P), A bottle of smoke (T), A fertilised egg (G), A fistful of blood ore (D)

Fertility is used to increase the chances of a succesful pregnancy.

Mold the Flesh

Sacrifice: a mirror (P), a mask (T), a story (G), an eye (D)

Mold the Flesh allows you to alter your facial features. Your bone structure remains the same, and you will be recognizeable if scrutinized, but will generally look like someone different to those who are not paying much attention.

Commune with the Spark


Level 2

Skin to Bark

Requires Blood and Bone Level 2


You can change a creature's outer appearance to resemble plants and verdant growths. The subject's skin will sprout grass, bark, undergrowth, mushrooms or any other plant life the caster cares to inflict. He will be able to blend in seamlessly into natural surroundings.

Cleanse the Flesh

Sacrifice: a bowl (P)

Cleanse the Flesh alows you to remove all illness and poison from a person or animal. It will not heal damage caused.

Defile the Flesh

Sacrifice: Salt (P), Poison (T), Insects (G), Drops of Blood (D)

Defile the Flesh will inflict an illness upon a creature, with a range of random symptoms. Might be fatal if left untreated.

Sharpen the Senses


Sharpen the Senses allows to increase your senses to superhuman levels. Your eyes can pick up tiny details, you can smell well enough to track by scent alone, etc…

Dim the Spark


Level 3

Age the Flesh

Allows you to inflict the effects of ageing upon a creature.

Create the Flesh

You can create a mundane animal from nothing. You can create anything you've seen before, as long as it doesn't require extra magical input (eg. mist or storm energy)


You can animate a corpse so that it regains a semblance of life. The corpse will be bound to the caster, obeying any commands issued. It will retain some of the more powerful memories of the time when it was alive.

Bind the Flesh

Bind the Flesh is a ritual used to paralyse a creature or person. Once the ritual is successfully cast, the target will be unable to move, locked in place, and will appear dead until the caster chooses to dispel the ritual. The target has to remain within a ritual circle for the duration of the casting for it to take effect.

Purify the Flesh

An Improved version of Cleanse the Flesh, Purify the Flesh will remove all disease and poison and heal the damages it caused.

Restore the Flesh

Restore the Flesh will regrow lost limbs and heal wounds, but will not fix aging, poison or disease.

Awaken the Spark

You can force a spirit to become sentient, allowing it to communicate and remain observant even when it's not being called on.

Exorcise the Spark

You can force a spirit out of a creature. (You're not sure what this will do to the creature in question)

Level 4

Impossible Hybrid


With this, you can combine two different animals into something that is greater than the sum of both. For example, combining an eagle and a horse to create a pegasus, or owl and a bear to create an owlbear.

Sculpt the Flesh

Sacrifice: a human skeleton (P), a human life (T), a human child (G), a human corpse (D)

By bargaining with the spirit inside yourself, Sculpt the Flesh allows you to rework your body, break the mold of humanity. You can rework you entire body to give yourself extra appendages (such as wings, a tail, extra arms) or remake the ones you have into whatever you desire (growing a bone sword to replace your hand, give yourself retractable claws, acquire webbed toes). Several changes can be effected during the same ritual, but each needs a sacrifice. The sacrifice can come from the same person, or several.

Prolong the Flesh

Sacrifice: Something alive

Prolong the Flesh allows you to slow down the aging process. Will not rejuvenate you. If used on a corpse, it will slow the decay process.

Quell the Spark


Commend to Bark

Requires Wood and Leaf level 3

Sacrifice: A tree (P), a blossoming flower (T), a seed (G), a stump (D)

Commend to Bark allows you to convert a creature's entire body into wood. The subject will still be able to look, act and move like it did originally. He will be immune to poisons, diseases and injuries that would ordinarily be fatal to creatures of flesh and bone.

Commend to Stone

Requires Soil and Stone level 3

Sacrifice: A rock (P), a hole (T), a grain of sand (G), a pool of mud (D)

Commend to Stone allows you to convert a creature's entire body into stone. The subject will still be able to look, act and move like it did originally. He will be immune to poisons, diseases and injuries that would ordinarily be fatal to creatures of flesh and bone.

Level 5

Plague the Flesh


Allows you to inflict a disease upon every creature living on a particular fragment. It will not be immediately fatal.

Bone Titan


By tapping into the most primal spirits inside a creature, you are able to create a giant made of bone. Vaguely humanoid in shape, the Titan is the size of a large hill, utterly midless, and completely under the casters control, following any commands to the letter.

Rebuild the Flesh


Allows you to completely rebuild a creature's body from a small piece (can be as little as a single cell), no matter how damaged it was or how long has passed. If the brain was damaged, the rebuilt creature is unlikely to have all of its memories, or be as efficient as it used to be.

Crush the Spark

Sacrifice: A mountain (P), a river (T), a bloodline (G), a graveyard (D)

When a spirit gets too powerful, you can no longer quell the spark. At this point, the only thing you can do if you need to stop it from doing anything is lock it deep inside a fragment. Crush the Spark can be used on any spirit, provided you can locate it. Once complete, the spirit will be locked at the centre of a fragment. The spirit can be released again simply by digging it out, but it is likely to be extremely angry. Failing this ritual can also result in very unfortunate circumstances, considering spirits generally don't like being locked up.

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