City News - Turn 9

Rebuilding Neverdark

With the city begining to stabalise, and its poulation again on the rise, thoughts in the city have turned to expanding its borders, with the old city of Neverdark a prime site for redevelopment and intergration into the city's territory.

Roderick and Sarrenn with help from some of the remaining copper workers have set up a secure site on the Neverdark fragment, surrounded by a palisade, it is acting as a base camp for redevelopment of the city, protected from any remaining threats in the city. Parties have been sent out to survey the city, esimating the damage of imporant building, which ones can reasoably be repaied, and those that will need to be demolished.

With Roderick co ordinating the survey's Sarenn then cast his expert eye over the reports and ordering the required materials for shipment to the compound.

A Safe, Clean City

With a semblance of order restored to the city, the master builder Roderick Alonzo has turned his eyes once more to improving quality of life to its once famed standard. Obviously he thinks all the rioting has left the city somewhat dishevelled, for his latest project is a public Bath.

The half constructed baths are of a quite outdated architectural style, but one in keeping with the city's original design. That Alonzo chose to begin construction on the surface says a lot about his opinions of citizenship.

An accident during construction led to several shanties being flattened, when one of the bath walls fractured, sending hundreds of gallons (and a screaming Alonzo) hurtling from the construction site.

The Spirit in the City

The arrival of a new coporeal spirit to the City has done little for the uneasy truce. Known only as the Spirit of White Roses he has been given little chance to meet with the populace and is held at the Spirit of Diamond's pleasure. It would appear that he was brought by the Spirit of Red Roses, together with help from the Knights of the Rose.

Law, Justice, Freedom and Rule

“I'm supposed to be happy with things now am I? The kings are dead and good riddance, but I'm still huddling under a slant of deadwood serving my children table scraps. Yeah the ponces beneath the surface are struggling too, but thats not really what I took up arms for”.

“Me and Geesha over there have been sharing this room since the ceasefight. As a matter of fact, funny story really, I was about to slice her throat for it when the lads pulled me off. Told me we weren't to fight no more and the temple nobs would sort it out… But I wasn't just leaving was I? Now she has that half, and I have this half and everythings just peachy… I'm gonna wait here good as brass for the nobs to sort her out of my// home.”

The hum of tension around the city is getting louder as the citizens await decisions on the thousand issues relating to governing the City. Many fear that unless some semblance of 'business as usual' returns soon, it'll snap back to violence.

Of the million questions on people's lips, there are a few that must be decided on unanimously by the leaders of the factions, and declared soon.

  1. Who is in charge? Who decides the law? Who do we pay taxes to? We don't have to pay taxes… right?
  2. What about the surface dwellers? Are they now taking rooms in the city, or is Roderick going to build everyone a palace thats bigger on the inside?
  3. What about Valk and the Tillermen? A lot of people blame him for getting us in this mess and a lot of people have died. Besides… regicide is a crime isn't it? Shouldn't he have to answer for that?
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