City News - Turn 8

State of the City

Most Healthy: Clan Antso

Most Wealthy: Antso / Miners of Quartz / Ashbourne

Most Happy: Clan Antso

Riots Quelled

Thanks to the tireless campaigning of Evelyn Minver, the people of the city have finally seen sense and ended violence. While no clear leader has emerged yet, people are more willing to wait peacefully for a consensus to be formed.

Her efforts were in no small part aided by the ministrations of Intaglio Deep and Hal Brokentooth, who have vowed to treat any injured in the riots, no matter their political motivation. Between the three, the concerns of the citizens have been channeled into more constructive activities, such as the earthworks necessary to stop the city sinking, and repairing of damaged caused by the riots.

…One of the last violent acts during the riots was the death of Mia Ashborne, a child of only 3 years, who went missing during an animated market protest.

In a bittersweet twist, Mia's disappearance proabably saved lives. Ms Minver boldly (but delicately) presented the tradgedy to beg sense from the more aggravated groups asking them to end the violence before another innocent is hurt. Mia became a symbol of the ceasefire, and one that only benefitted Minver and Ashborne's cause.

The Antso Bridge of Madness

“The voices the voicesthevoices they DONt sstop. PLeasse! Tell them I'm not a child! I keep telling them and they can't hear me. I keep telling them and they're ignoring me. I know they are! Please tell them. If you say it loud enough they'll believe me and leave me alone… I'M NOT A CHILD OF THE SPIDERS!”

Dean Milton - First person to travel the Outerside

Alonzo's Walkways were completed with considerable Fanfare, providing new City access points and offering even the poorest citizens an unprecedented view of the murals that adorn the outerside and make the City famous. Moments after its opening it was packed with curious citizens, venturing for the first time to trade on the borders of the Crystal Collective's home.

Spirits were dampened after not one, but three people inexplicably collapsed with siezures while walking the Outerside. Returned to their families, only one of the three has become mentally stable since the incident. Clan Antso has offered no clear explanation for the maladies.

The walkways are all but abandoned pending further investigation.

Who will lead us.

Power in the city has ebbed and flowed with each disaster, and now it seems the Ashborn are rising to the top of the pile. A pillar of stability throughout the recent riots, the ex-followers of the King of Bone are proving themselves quite capable of turning heads and bending ears.

Also contending is the Spirit of diamond, a now much more public figure strongly tied to Ashborns regine. While some call her the 'Queen of Diamonds' so far she has made none of the pretentions to power that the old Kings were known for.

El Presidente democratic regime is gaining support on the city, and while welcomed as a change of pace from the ususal stock, has yet to become a major player in the power game.

Intaglio Deep has been doing a lot of work in the city, he has been instrumental in works on the city to prevent it sinking organising those who are trying to sort out the problem. He has also gained a lot of support with the general populace by bringing in healing supplies through the order of Amethyst. His support has grown so much that there are significant numbers in the city that refer to him as the King of Quatz.

And finally, there is the ever present forces of the Confederacy and the Union, both so far remaining apart from the political debate, but not so far apart that they couldn't step in…

The Sinking City

The Zwerginn Sarenn has been working tirelessly to seek the cause of the City's latest dip towards the mists. Even among the heaviest rioting the masked man's entourage could be seen exploring the depths, examining rock formations and digging new tunnels. So far no one has been foolish enough to impede his efforts, for when he is not flanked by Union guards, he has the arms of a score of Quartz followers, and thats not mentioning the collossal diamond golem that has been following him, supposedly gifted by Valk Tillermen.

While the City is still inching towards the mists, Sarenn has stated that his findings have been very positive, and he is confident a solution will be found very soon.

Racing Fragments

Navigator Ctoth has designed a number of very fast easily controlled personal fragments for use in racing, through a new technique, identical fragments can be made so the skill of the geomancer is put to the test. There are already ideas around that it will soon develop into a new sport, and an assosiated gambling industry.

Preaching in the City

The newly appointed head of the Union's Church of the Founders, Tutor Hawthorne has been giving sermons to the people of the city, trying to raise morale and bring the factions back together.

“People of the City, those who founded this great place knew that it would take the toil of many to make life here possible. As in the Union, people must rely on each other - some to farm, some to guard, some to maintain. Together you can do this; together you can live. The Kings of Copper and Bone may be gone, but the City can live on. If only you work for it. Together.”

He moves onto the widom of the Founders, and how they predicted a time of strife in the city, and how they would need to unite. He also mentions the Glorious People's Republic, as an example of how things can be improved by working together.

The Glorious People's Republic and the Surface

El Presidente has been traveling across the surface of the city, spreading the word of the GPR, the ideals of the clan are very appealing to the dwellers in thier current situation, and there is much feeling that they should perhaps leave the city for good.


  • You've got to wonder about the diet of the Amalfi. Segue Tyr has been spending every penny they have on food supplies…
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