City News - Turn 6

City Renovations

Urban decay is down 12%

Navigator Ctoth has been renovating the city, with the help of the King of Copper workers, the city got a good spring cleaning, repairs were completed, and a touch up of the halls and corridors that make up the city were completed.

Making the City Safe

Crime is down 25%

Following recent concerns about the future, it seems things are moving towards a bright, safe, copper colored one. The king of Copper announced a bold move to 'clear the City of inefficient influences', and followed up these words with action. An ever greater number of copper workers have spent months sweeping the city both figuratively and actually, protected by the now leaderless bone warriors.

The sweep, supposedly pushed for by Segue of the Amalfi, was masterminded by the deposed Bone Subject Hilary White, who was largely responsible for making a grand operation into a successful one.

Capture of Tillermen

Terrorism is down 78%

The Copper security sweep turned up a good haul. While many nefarious influence slipped through the net, several terrorists known as the Free Po were uncovered, along with a collection of thieves, madmen and unknowns of dubious origin.

The prize of the catch has to be multiple Tillerman Terrorist, who now reside at the King's liesure.

'We have been talking with many of the inefficients we have captured.' a Copper Spokesman said. 'Many now see the inaccuracy of their methods and are considering community service to repair damages. They will joing the Copper Workers. Or be punished.'

Bearing a grudge

Maulings are up by 124%

The large bear is still on the loose somewhere in the city.

Many details have come to life about this creature. What at first seemed like a simple extermination has instead become a minor war. Even the copper workers are balking at going up against an immortal Ursidae.

The Hex Bear, as it has been dubbed, seems to be targetting the remainder to of the King of Bone's holdings. Roderick Alonzo is now largely held responsible for letting the creature into the city. Considering his official duty as Gate Guard, this doesn't speak well for him.

Clan Unifying

Hilary White and his clan have joined up with the Ashborne, this unification is showing how the various clans are pulling together to hold out against the expanding influence of the King of Copper.

Ashborne in the City

Trystan Ashborne has been making good head way in the city, in the power vacuum left by the King of Bone, although not officially leader of the factions he has declared himself King of Ash, and has gained a number of powerful supporters. There are still a number of opponents to his rule, who will have to be defeated, and there are still large numbers of old clans who were loyal to the King of Bone who need to be intergrated in the new role.


  • Trystan Ashborne is making a bid for ultimate power after having eaten a rat.
  • Cthoth of the crystal collective is experimenting with throwing rocks at things really really fast.
  • Cthothe of the CC is the best bear wrestler in the known world.
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