City News - Turn 4

City Trade

The surface continues to florish despite the tough political climes! With the recent completion of a warehouse complex by Roderick Alonzo, the big traders are more attracted than ever. Already the store houses are filling the brim with Rennaise goods, turning a tidy profit for all involved.

Food Aplenty

With food deliveries from the Union (on the good ship Misthorse) and from the Glorious People's Republic the surface citizens have never been more well-fed and healthy. Though the citizens have little idea what to pin this good fortune on, they are dearly grateful to the compassion of those other colonies.

Confederacy Incompetency

With tensions mounting on the City surface, Confederacy forces have been stationed as an additional 'peacekeeper' force. While largely avoiding incident with the more prevalent Union troops, one offensive threatened to kickstart warfare. A lightning raid by Confederacy troops resulted in the capture of several 'known terrorists and criminals, including their sinister leader.'

It later transpired that these terrorists were in fact Cofederacy soldiers, off duty and drinking in a local tavern with the respected trader Daniel Ridley.

As the Confed forces trip over themselves to correct their claims, they also struggle to understand how such a mistake could occur. None of this mishap has done anything to reassure any citizens.

Stabalising the City

Citizens have one reason to sleep sounder at least; The efforts to geomantically stabilize the city are now complete!

Thanks in no small part to the efforts of Navigator Chtoth of the Crystal Collective, and the Confederate representative Alric Earthborne, the city is now at no rist of drifting further in to the outlands. Both have been commended for their efforts by the twin Kings, and know popular support.

Contrary to earlier rumors, the City position has been maintained. It has neither been moved closer to Union nor Confederacy lands.

Confederacy Troops

The Confederacy has now dispached troops to the Surface, they came in on a number of fragments guided by Earthborne Geomancers. They have set up a Headquarters, on the Surface and are helping with the efforts here.

The two Kings are far more at ease with these troops as they asked permission first. In the city dwellers reactions are mixed, while some are happy that there is some counter weight to the Union presence, others are apprehensive that the city fragment is going to turn into a battlefield for the other fragments.

Into Darkness

Weeks before the temple session, the whole city in plunged into Darkness. It happened in the middle of the night, and as people awoke, they found no light was coming down from the upper levels. Over the next few hours, it emerges that some of the mirrors have been removed, and that some of the copper workers have disappeared.

It is widly rumoured that the Tillermen have got the mirrors, and that they will smash them if the city doesn't negotiate.

Slightly less well rumoured is that Valk has hidden storm ore around the city, so if the mirrors are replaced without his say so, the light will filter in, catch the storm ore and cause it to explode.

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