City News - Turn 3

State of the City

Most Healthy: The Tillermen

Most Wealthy: The Ashbourne, The Tears of the Snake, and the Amalfi

Most Happy: The Tillermen and the Antso

Snippets from an Official Announcement from the Kings of Bone and Copper

“For plotting against the life of the King's representative, and for betrayal of the City by plotting with the Union, it is hereby declared that Valk Tiller and his clan the Tillermen are to be brought before the justice of the Kings . . . Let it be widely known among dwellers both in the City and on the Surface that the Tillermen and any who side with them will be wiped from the face of the world . . . The Nihil Clan from the Surface have promised their assistance . . . Valk Tiller will be thrown to the Mists.”

Adventurous acrobatics

'Ere, Corv, 'you see that? Someone just leapt off fragment over there onto that fast moving one, coulda killed 'imself.

Gotta admit, it were pretty brave tho. Hang on, where's he gone…

Musta fell off…

Oh, that's not natural, jus' hanging on the underside like that. Must be one 'o them bald guys…

Shouldn't let himsen get caught this close to t' stack, better get the Eagles to chase 'im off.

Technical Difficulties

A large electrical shock rippled through the city recently, startling many, but harming none. The source of this shock is as yet unknown, and some are claiming it is the actions of the mysterious Dystopian, now coming to be called the Black Lightning!

The Copper King assures that there is no cause for alarm.

A Pest Free City

Once again, the advantages of life in the city has been proved superior. Largely due to the actions of Trystan Ashborne and Hilary White, who lead an extermination project that all, even the surface dwellers, are feeling the benefits of.

Their efforts in part led to the death of a giant rat, found in the depths of the sewers. With this victory, the welfare of the city is assured.

Dodgy statue

On the surface of the city a rather alarming statue has been placed, it shows 2 figures, one wearing a mask of copper, the other a mask of bone, and as the kids like to put it, they are, “at it.” There are reports that the kings are looking into who is responsible for this insult.

A Bright, Clean Surface

The combined efforts of the Clan Antso and the Xenos Sarenn have seen the completion of a sewerage system for the Surface Dwellers. Roderick and Antso have both been awarded significant favor by both kings for their efforts in assuring a shining future for the city!

Roderick had this to say:

“Our efforts, sponsored and assisted by the Copper king, have assured that all surface dwellers have a clean and safe water supply.”

The speech was marred slightly by Roderick's late arrival, and interesting (read, covered in sewage and leaking rats) choice of dress.


The circus which has been entertaining the King of bone and his followers, seems to have left the city.

Union Snooping Around

Marshall Craddock has been poking around the Surface and the Kingdom of Copper, apparently looking for some assassins. Apparently the Union aren't satisfied with using just their troops to lord it over us; now they want us to bow to their policemen too.

Where is the City Going?

The markers are still in the mud for the Geomancy to move the city, but nothing more has been done to finish the job. Noone is quite sure what the truth is here. Some say the City is already on route to the Union. Others say that Alric has pinned it to head towards Confederacy space. Traders suggest that it is still drifting further into the outlands.

Over the months, the uncertainty is beginning to turn into resentment.

The Airship in the Sky

There has been an airship in the skies around the city. It appears to be the ship captured from a group of pirates, and is now under the control of the Union.


  • Flame of the Nihil has moved to the City and is living with the Ashbourne Clan.
  • The Dixie clan are in league with the Sky Pirates
  • Flame got an offer from a gigolo and hit him with her handbag.
  • Trystan Ashbourne is the favourite in the Court of the King of Bone.
  • Trystan Ashbourne is the love child of Hilary White and a lady of dubious reputation.
  • The Dystopian is the love child of Hilary White and Valk Tiller.
  • Awwww - what a cute little kitty.
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