City News - Turn 2

Moving the city?

Reports coming from the Surface.

It appears there has been much activity on the city fragment, geomancers Alric and Ctoth have been putting in many earthworks and judging the size and weight of the Fragment. It appears they are planning to move, where and when is as yet unknown.

The Kings seem to be very unhappy about this, as they have not been consulted. Those loyal to the Kings have been asked to find out what these people are up to, and if it will affect the independence of the city put a stop to it.

New Sewers

Roderick and Sarenn have been building sewers on the surface of the city. The sewers will improve the overall health of the surface dwellers, and people are heralding it as the beginnings of proper development of the Surface. They are not finished yet, but good progress has been made.

Arson! Theft! Pirates!

With the recent thefts of food supplies, threat of invasion by the Black Lightning Gang, and increasing pest problems, the Surface dwellers are somewhat on edge.

The situation hit boiling point recently when a band of people dressed haphazardly as kitties burnt a bar to the ground while demanding more dart boards.

On the other hand, Union forces and others saw off those invading pirates and that's one less threat - although it would have been nice if they'd got Black Lightning as well while they were at it.


Oleg, Oleg, Oleg! We love you!
Oleg, Oleg, Oleg! You Bring us Food!
Before the Surface get real thin,
Our friend Oleg brings stuff in.
He’s the One who’ll be there!
When the chips are in… he really cares!

A song sung by the people of the surface. The situation on the surface is beging to improve with aid from the union. Oleg Slavo delivered a shipment of food to help the surface dwellers, and it has gone some way to solving the problems of the surface, and has brough the Union some influence with the surface Dwellers.

Madison Bourne also arrived and brought food from the Union.

The Tillerman's Food

I don’t know our friend Olaf brings us loads of food, when he doesn’t have a reason to help us. Then the tillermen take up valuable space to grow food, then send it off as soon as its harvested, you’d think his brothers on the surface would come before foreigners.

The Tillermen have made there patch of the surface particularly fertile, but as soon as the crop is harvested, it is sent away, with the dire poverty of the Surface, people are asking what they’re up to.

The circus comes to town

The Circus has been in town. With impressive acrobatic feats, and various dazzaling displays, all those who attended said the performance was enchanting.

New post office

The city has been connected to the postal network, a new sorting office on the surface distributes mail throughout the fragment, mail can also be sent to the other colonies from here. There are mumbling that the city should tie themselves to the Union in this way, as the Union will slowly annex the city.

Gifts for the King of Bone

The King approves of the temple gatherings, for many have promised him new delicacies since. In particular, he has recieved several offers of narcotics that he anticipates.


The leaders of the surface are keeping an eye out for threats.

The Copper Workforce have begun discussing a new auditorium project.

There seems to be some sort of warehouse being built on the surface.

The office of marshalls is not to be trusted.

The Nihil have got it in for the Tillermen.

Black Lightning was here. Here. On the Surface. What do you mean, why the hell not? We may take all sorts but we draw the line somewhere!

That General Deepcut looked so sexy fighting the pirates.

So did that Unity.

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