City News Turn 14

Free From Misty Clutches

“As you can see class, the main rotary of the Gyroscape uses the Chtoth principle to perform a simple counter-list whenever there is significant motion. The rotation of the cogs assures no stale force is leaked into the recinded location, and the bedrock alignment of each cog tooth is associated with its target notch. Now can anyone see the flaw in this system?”

“Thats right. Long tracks mean each tooth either has multiple notches, for which its alignment can only be inferior, or it means the cog must be excessively large. We have encountered a problem of scale. Now this has been countered by what is beginning to be termed the Sarenn principle of widdershins motion. Each cog tooth is a sub system that re-aligns dependant on angle to a mark stone…” - From a lecture at the College of Engineering

The Gyroscape is complete, just in time to rescue the City from the grasping claws of mist! With Chtoth manning the wheel, and Intaglio Deep working a powerful ritual, the unsual misty aggression was beaten back without breaking a sweat. It is believed that with the working Gyroscape, the cooperation of the coporeal spirits, and the social stability provided by Quartz and Ash, that perhaps now the City will sleep easy.

Antso Locomotions company Ltd.

With the rail engine nearing completion, Roderick Alonzo has invested a large amount of wealth into the simple yet effective technology. It is composed of an engine, fire-powered, that somehow transports the carriages attached to it along metal rails. People on the street commented that this new-fangled technology would never catch on.

Garry Genocide

After a strategic offensive mounted by Trystan Ashboune and his bone warriors, the scourge of the Garys seems to have been cleansed from the City, with very few of the revolutionary clones left alive.

More Spires

What is it with everyone and Spires? Chtoth and Alonzo have begun constructing one inside Neverdark now! Inside! Apparrently its another experiment into geomantic stability and extended lifespan. I reckon it's part of some insideous conspiracy to cover the Broken World in phallic imagery.

The Inter Colony All Form Sky Race Checkpoint Challenge - City Edition

And they're off!

“Well Gary, this is clearly Chtoth's home track. That controvercial underside flag is proving no problem for him”

“Indeed Gary, though Blacknails isn't far behind and… Oh! he's overshot it! Right into the mists. Thats going to sting.”

“It looks like Clintina has decided to go for the Neverdark flag first. She's just entered by the main landing port.”

“Which is good news for our fellow commentator Roderick Alonzo, who is observing from the top of the Bath Tower.”

“An interesting choice for observation, don't you think Gary, what with it being inside the fragment.”


“It looks like Valk is following Clintina, but Oh No! the Titan is stuck in the entry port ladies and gentlemen! Tally up some more property damage for the terrorist, thats going to take a while to dislodge- And here comes Chtoth, up from nowhere ladies and gentlemen, right between the titan's flaiing legs and into Neverdark with a barrel roll for the crowds! Lets hope Roderick can keep up!”

“Well it looks like Ritz had got her first flag. Seems that parking on the surface is still a limited commodity, she's had to walk three blocks to reach her flag. As you can see, the more dextrous racers are really benefiting from their no stop flag collection. That loop the loop from the Hareppi was really something!”

“I couldn't agree more gary. Well, it looks like a clear victory for Chtoth here, with Blacknails and Ritz struggling to keep up. Now time for a word from our sponsors”

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