City News Turn 13

Clone Numbers Stabilize

Intaglio Deep has been working tirelessly with Gary in order to understand the strange phenomenon that led to his creation.

There is no longer more Gary.

Surface Repaired

Trystan Ashbourne has been putting resources towards repairing the cities surface after the accident with the city of light. The repairs are now complete and the surface restored to its former glory.

Rails to the City of Lights

A new transport system has been created bridging th gap between the City and the City of Lights. With Geomantic input, a stable orbit has been set up, so that fixed tracks can be constructed between the two.

The Mist Stirs

As time passed this season, the Mists seemed to almost inperceptibly grow and swell underneath the City, such that the Mist eventually ended lapping the City walls around its midline. Kar'Baldi report strange shapes moving within the Mists, like giant creatures, and although the Mists have not started eroding the walls yet it seems only a matter of time.

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