City News Turn 12

The Iron Titan

A massive 1500ft high Iron Titan is currently sitting on top of the City fragment. This creature seems to be under the control of Valk Tillerman, who was seen bringing the Titan back from the confederacy, by a rather worried looking Ferryman. It has been suggested that the Titan will no longer be able to be transported by the ferrymen, who have classified it as an act of war.

Bear made of Plants Attacks

Roderick Alonso suffered a nasty surprise this season, as one of the decorative shrubs he was preparing for the City of Lights revealed itself to be not topiary but instead a great big bear made of twigs and leaves. He only suffered minor injuries, however, and was able to fight it off.

The Not-Quite Iron Not-Quite Titan

Meanwhile, a not quite so massive Titan/Golem-like thing has been wandering around the City causing hassle for people. It seems to be picking people up, whereupon they hear a voice shouting at them “Are you Sedlak?” before putting them down again. This would be more of a concern, except that day by day it seems to be slowing somewhat, and it believed to be running out of spirit energy.

The Republic of Gary

The lower wards of the City have recently been invaded by a large body of people, all exact replicas of each other. One interviewed, who identified himself as Gary-67, said that this all started when the original (Gary Poulson, now dead of a wasting disease) was cloned by the Miners of Quartz to make a new body and save his life. Whatever Mist magics they used, however, went somehow wrong, and the Mist pockets within the City have been spawning Garys ever since.

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